The Imp-Probably Different Wedding

It’s your wedding. Wear what you want. We take it where you want. We have the minister, the camera, the flowers, the cake. No alcohol. We want you to get where you’re going safely, but we will bring a pair of toasting glasses and a non-alcoholic bubbly with which to salute your future. You bring the marriage license, the rings, and the happy couple. 

And by the way, we love people who are in love. We don’t care who you are. Bring us the marriage license, promise us you’re in love, and we’ll be happy to marry you.
We also offer commitment ceremonies and vow renewals.



Our Imp-Probably reasonable fee includes one consultation meeting to discuss the particulars of your ceremony and preferences for the flowers, cake, and bubbly.

At Imp-Probable Artists, we strive to support our fellow local businesses.  We work with local vendors to provide the items for your wedding wherever possible.

Imp-Probably Different Weddings happen where you want them to.  Your wedding ceremony can be indoors or outdoors, in parks, fields, conventions, theaters, anywhere that proper permissions can be obtained.  If your site requires rental or admission fees or a parking permit, you will need to cover the costs of entrance for the Imp-Probable Artists staff as well as yourselves.

Distances greater than 50 miles from Utica NY will cost extra.  Please contact us for details.


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