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Alter Ego: Theodore "Ted" Grant
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Son Jake, whereabouts unknown
Group Affiliation: JSA
Base of Operations: Syracuse, NY
First faux-DC Appearance: JSA #1
Height: 6'3" Weight: 220
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

History: The only child of a poor family, Ted's parents wanted better things for him. Unfortunately, their death while he was in his first year of medical school brought that dream to an abrupt halt. Quitting school, Ted turned to boxing to pay off his father's debts. His natural talent quickly took him to the top, and he won the heavyweight boxing title in early 1941. His career was very nearly cut short when unscrupulous fight managers rigged a fight, and his opponet and one-time trainer was killed. Escaping from police custody before the trial, he set out to clear his name. Inspired by the Golden Age Green Lantern, he donned a mask and costume to track down the killers who had framed him. Dubbed a Wildcat by the felons, he kept the name and costume, continuing to fight crime while continuing his boxing career. Wildcat shared only a few cases with the JSA during the 1940's, but has been a mainstay of every incarnation of the team since then.

A recent encounter with a fountain of youth has left Ted Grant with the body of a much younger man. He is taking advantage of this gift to once more seek the medical degree that he abandoned several decades ago.

Powers/Weapons: Wildcat's greatest weapon is his devestating right cross. An undefeated heavyweight champion who has kept up his fighting skills, Wildcat is one of the most formidable hand-to-hand combatants who ever lived.

Wildcat's continued health and vitality was a mystery for many years. he discovered that the mineral water that he had been drinking for years, from the childhood home of his one-time manager Stretch Skinner, contained a combination of otherworldly elements that apparently enhanced his body's healing processes and retarded the aging process. An explosion of the water source saturated his body with these elements, reversing the aging process entirely and leaving this octegenarian with the body of a twenty-something man.

In his war on crime, Wildcat uses few weapons. Primarly a fast motorcycle, and a lifetime of experience and connections.




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