Who Again? Who's Next?


Alter Ego: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother; Drusilla (DECEASED), aunt; Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons), Cousin; Diana (Wonder Woman), ex-husband; Terry Long (DECEASED), son; Robert Long (DECEASED), step-daughter; Jennifer Long (DECEASED), alleged mother; Dorothy Hinckley (DECEASED), step-parents; Carl and Fay Stacy, step-brother; Jerry Evans, step-sister; Cindy Evans.
Group Affiliation: The New Teen Titans, the New Titans
Base of Operations: New York, New York
First faux-DC Appearance: Wonder Woman #331
Height: 5'9" Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes:blue Hair: black

History: Donna Hinckley was given up for adoption at birth. She was briefly adopted by the Stacy family, but the person who brokered the deal was quite crooked and arranged to have her kidnapped back to be re-adopted/sold to another couple. While in the care of a couple in the broker's employ, the building they were staying in burned to the ground. Donna was the sole survivor, rescued by Drusilla, the heroine formerly known as Wonder Girl in the Golden Age. Thinking the child had no family, Drusilla decided to adopt her and raised Donna as her own. (the name Donna was found on her sole possession, a battered Teddy bear given her by the Stacy's.) When Donna was eleven years old, one of Dru's adventures brought them both into contact with the Titans of myth. Recognizing great potential in Dru's charge, the gods offered to help Donna reach that potential as one of their Titan seeds in New Chronos. Honored by the parents of her gods offer, Dru left Donna in their care. Before leaving, Dru gave Donna her bracelets, lasso, and one of her old costumes to wear as the Titans' champion. Dru had long since abandoned using any kind of costume in her adventuring, and had found a collapsible transparent shield years before that took the place of her bracelets.

Despite the assurances of the Titans, this will be the last the two see of each other. For in an effort to maintain the secrecy of their activities, Donna's memories were partially erased when she was returned to earth a few years later. She remembered much of the Amazon code Dru had taught her, but her memories of Dru herself were smudged. As Wonder Girl, Donna joined the original Teen Titans, and remained a member until they disbanded. During this time she took the last name Troy. She also briefly dated Roy "Speedy" Harper. When Raven reformed the Titans later on, Donna once again joined the team.

Now in her late teens, she had established a career for herself as a photographer, and had met and fell in love with history professor Terry Long. The two would eventually get engaged, after her long time friend Dick Grayson helped piece together as much of Donna's past as they could. Though Dick was able to reunite Donna with the Stacy's, and had uncovered Drusilla's role in saving and raising Donna, for whatever reason, he could not locate Drusilla herself until the day of Terry and Donna's wedding. Their reunion was short lived, as Dru apparently died shortly thereafter battling the Anti-Monitor.

After Crisis, Donna met the new Wonder Woman, and through her other Amazons. She did not reveal the name of the Amazon who raised her however, since Dru had made her promise not to, fearing any shame or punishment Dru had coming for leaving the island would pass to Donna. (Time travel, it creates headaches. Dru can't reveal herself until Polly goes back in time and comes back, or else she risks altering the timeline.) Diana and Donna form a close bond, and begin to refer to each other as "sister".

Later, the dying Titan of myth Phoebe appeared to Wonder Girl, seeking her aid. One of the Titan seeds, Sparta, had gone mad and threatened New Chronos. Wonder Girl and her fellow Titans saved New Chronos, and Donna Troy at last learned the truth about her upbringing with the Titans of myth. In reward for her loyalty and to show their esteem for their chosen daughter, the Titan-gods gave Donna Troy special gifts. These ornaments and tokens came with special powers and abilities attached to each one. Upon returning to earth, Donna Troy fashioned these gifts into a new uniform - and a new identity - Troia!

Donna Troy soon found out she was pregnant. As her pregnancy continued, a group called the Team Titans emerged, claiming to be from the future. The Team Titans mission: Kill Donna Troy before she can give birth to the man who, in their future, would become the evil Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos also emerged, determined to ensure his own future. Troia eventually gave birth, and with the help of the New Titans and the Team Titans, she saved her son Robert while defeating Lord Chaos. The Titans of myth helped in the ensuing battle as well. Ultimately, Donna Troy decided to give up her Troia identity, and become a normal human. The Titans of myth granted this wish, and left Donna Troy powerless.

Donna Troy and the Team Titans relocated to a farm in New Jersey. Donna tried to live a normal life, and provide a home for the time-lost Team Titans. Fate was not kind. Villains and disasters struck their new home. This led Donna to re-think her decision. She petitioned the Titans of myth to grant her powers once again. She was rejected. Undaunted, Donna Troy found her new calling - as part of a galactic police force - she became a Darkstar.

Events in Donna Troy's life soon took a bad turn; Her farm in New Jersey was destroyed; The time Crisis known as Zero Hour wiped out all the Team Titans except for Terra and Mirage; Worst of all, it took a toll on her once happy marriage. Terry Long and Donna Troy divorced and Terry was granted sole custody of their young son. Donna sought a new direction in her life through the Darkstars and the Titans. Soon, she met Kyle Rayner, the new Green Lantern, who helped ease her pain and loneliness. Events led to the break up of the Titans, and shortly after, Donna Troy gave up her Darkstar identity to live the life of a 'normal' woman for awhile.

Then, tragedy struck. Donna was given news that her ex-husband, step daughter and her infant son died in a horrible car accident. Devastated by the news, she withdrew from Kyle. Her life seemed at the lowest ebb. It was then she encountered the Dark Angel, who confused matters further by filling Donna and Diana's heads with fanciful tales and curses. Before all was said and done, Donna was erased from existence, then restored with the aide of Wonder Woman's magic lasso and some assistance from the Flash. During this period many things were revealed, including Dru's part in Donna's life, and that it was the Dark Angel's manipulations that helped cause the dissolution of Donna's marriage and the death of her family, even Dru's absence for the early part of Donna's heroic career was due to the sorceress's elaborate revenge plot on her two Golden Age foe's.

After a galaxy hopping adventure that saw Donna's mystic Troia armor restored to her, and with it her powers, Donna found herself swept up in the events of Mongul's attempted invasion of Earth. After aiding her old team in defending Los Angeles, an emotionally battered and somewhat bitter Donna Troy must now decide what course her life will take from here.

Powers: Donna possesses the superhuman strength, reflexes and durability. She can also fly at great speed. She has the ability to generate force fields, the exact extent of this power is unknown. Since her resurrection, she seems to have become an embodiment of truth. What that means is as yet unclear.

(much of this sourced from www.titanstower.com and the fertile mind of Mikel Midnight)



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