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Alter Ego: Alec Holland (human catalyst); a.k.a. the Holland-Mind, the Plant Elemental, the Erl-King
Marital Status: "Married" to Abigail Arcane
Known Relatives: Abigail "Abby" Arcane-Holland (wife), Tefe Holland (daughter)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: The Louisiana swamps
First faux-DC Appearance: House of Magic #1
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Eyes:Red with yellow irises Hair: None (vegetation)

History: In all of Earth's history, the planet has created a protector for itself time and time again: the plant elementals. Each has been a human who died in flames, then had their decaying corpse devoured by plantlife, which assimilated the human's former memories and knowledge, as well as their persona, then creating a semi-human body out of plantlife from that knowledge imbued with the consciousness of its human core.

Each plant elementals, when in their elder years, journeys to their final place, the Parliamant of Trees in a Brazilian rain forest. There they form themselves into a large tree and join the other former elementals, conscious yet motionless forever.

Long after the tradition began, Doctors Alec and Linda Holland, a young scientist couple, began work on a "bio-restorative" formula for the U.S. government in secret within the Louisiana swamps. When approached by an agent of the Conclave, a criminal organization, to purchase the formula, the Hollands refused. In retaliation, the Conclave planted explosives in their lab. The assault left Linda dead and Alec covered with both the formula and fire, which he ran to the nearby swamp to put out. Upon plunging into the swamp water, he was dead. But he didn't know that.

A new plant elemental was created from Holland's consciousness, and for years he roamed the swamps and other locations thinking that he was truly Alec Holland and that he could someday change himself back.

After being shot and taken into custody, assumed dead, by the Sunderland Corperation, the Swamp Thing arose and found notes taken by Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, that proved he was not Alec Holland, or human at all. This sent the Swamp Thing into a depressed state where he allowed himself to drift away into the Green, the single shared consciousness of all plantlife, only to emerge for humanity's protection from a mad Woodrue and to keep Abigail "Abby" Arcance, one of his only friends and the niece of his former arch-enemy Anton Arcane, safe.

Stranger times ensued for the Swamp Thing. He and Abby became lovers after her husband Matt's battle with posession by Anton Arcane's spirit, saved Abby's soul from Hell itself, dealt with the mystic John Constantine and fought the cult of the Brajurah, and even "died" for some time, during which his spirit was actually exiled across space. In the end, though, he always returned to the swamp.

In his most recent years, the Swamp Thing began a rise to power that invovled him visiting and taking the roles of the other elementals, those of Fire, Water, and Wind, as well as Rock, the other Earth Elemental. With each he becamem ore powerful and power-mad, until finally all elements were under control and he became a god of sorts, representing the planet Earth as a whole. He threatened to kill off humanity, but the Holland-Mind insided of him was too strong, and in the end, he freed the spirit and returned home, the singular plant elemental once more with his family in the swamp.

Powers/Weapons: The Swamp Thing is a plant elemental who possesses superhuman strength. His body imitates that of a human being, but its organs serve no actual function. He can speak, but only slowly and with effort. The Swamp Thing can regenerate damaged or severed portions of his body.

Moreover, the Swamp Thing can project his consciousness into other plant life, and thereby grow a new body for himself. He can let his body die in one place and regrow it in another location anywhere else on Earth that plants can grow. By concentration he can even travel into the realms of the afterlife.

The Swamp Thing eventually learned he can change his size and shape, that he can possibly animate dead or carved wood, possibly manipulate insects through his scents and juices, perhaps control more than one body simultaneously, and even travel through time.




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