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the Scarecrow

Alter Ego: Joathan Crane
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: the Injustice Gang of the World
Base of Operations: Gotham City
First faux-DC Appearance: Batman #14
Height:6' Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes:Blue Hair: Black

History: Jonathan Crane has been facinated by fear since his childhood.To that end he became a Proffessor of Psychology at Gotham University, and was known in acedemic circles as an authority on the psychology of fear. This obsession with fear lead the proffessor to unexpectedly take a gun and shoot a flower pot in the middle of one of his lectures, just to watch the fear on his students faces. Brandishing a loaded fire arm in a room full of students did not sit well with Crane's supeiors. Tired of being mocked by "intellectual inferiors", who he knew privately mocked his spindly, thread bare appearance, Crane decided to use his knowledge of fear to presue a life of crime. The University board fired Crane for outragous classroom behavior. He decided to take the guise of the Scarecrow, his colleagues nick name for him, but also what Crane thought would be the perfect symbol of fear and poverty combined.

At first, the Scarecrow hired himself to various underworld tyes who wanted to intimedate other for illegal purposes. This brought Crane into conflict with the Batman for the first time, who deduced Crane was the Scarecrow and captured him. In the insueing years, Scarecrow has become a master theif gained great knowledge of various other scientific disciplines, including electronics. Crane has developed a number of unconvientional means on inducing fear in his victims and opponents. In recent years, it's become apparent that the Scarecrow to fears himself, including a fear of being captured by the Batman. In an attempt to discover why the self styled Master of Fear ranks bellow the Joker for Gotham's most feared menace, Crane recently tried to conduct a city wide experiment to discover why, earning the Joker's wrath. The Scarecrow is currently back at Arkham, fearing the Joker's eventual capture.

Powers/Weapons: The Scarecrow is a cunningly brilliant criminal mastermind and trained pschologist who is a master at creating and exploiting terror. He has a wide varity of means to induce fear, including special fear inducing gases, high frequency waves transmitted by electronic devices, and pheromone compounds. Scarecrow has developed his fear arsenol to such an extent as to be able to produce specific phobias and fears in a victim, e.i. he has a gas that induces both arachnophilia and the hallucination of being covered with spiders simultaniously.

Fortunately, the Scarecrow has little to no hand-to-hand combat skills.




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