Who Again? Who's Next?


Alter Ego: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Trigon (father, deceased), Arella (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: The New Teen Titans, the New Titans
Base of Operations:
First faux-DC Appearance: Flash #3
Height: variable (5'11" in human form) Weight: variable (125 lbs in original body)
Eyes:white (formerly blue) Hair: gold (formerly black)

History: Raven's mother Arella was a teenage runaway who fell in with a mystic cult whose purpose was to bring the Devil to earth. What they conjured up appeared to be a handsome, red-haired man, who proceeded to seduce Arella. Once their love was consummated, the stranger revealed himself to be the other dimensional conquering demon named Trigon the Terrible.

Arella went mad with anguish at the idea of carrying this monsters child, but could not bring herself to kill the baby growing inside her. She was found and taken in by mystics from the otherworldly realm of Azarath. There in it's peaceful dimension she was given the name Arella and schooled in their pacifistic ways. The child's birth nine months later brought darkness and fear to Azarath. The girl, Raven, was taken in by the Goddess Azar who taught Raven to suppress her every emotion and to achieve an inner peace to combat her demonic nature lest it take Raven over completely. Raven also learned to use her other powers as well. Upon Azar's death, Raven was awarded Azar's rings of power.

Raven spent her earlier teen at war with her father, who wanted to use her as his means of taking over the Earth dimension. Against the wishes of the Council of Azarath, Raven went to Earth to try and gather allies to fight her father. These allies became the New Teen Titans. Raven served with the Titans for many months, battling not only her father, but other menaces as well. She grew as close as she could to several members particularly Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, the later who had fallen in love with her.

Eventually Trigon succeeded in dominating his daughter and the two conquered the Earth. Only the combined power of the Titans beat back Trigon and freed Raven. In the process, Trigon was destroyed and Raven was believed dead.

Raven turned up alive, but in the thrall of the Titan's enemy, Brother Blood. She had been apparently cleansed of Trigon's evil, but had fallen prey to the charismatic villain. Raven was freed by her fellow Titans and returned to the team. Unfortunately, Raven and the other Titans were later betrayed by their teammate Jericho who had been possesed by the insane souls of destroyed Azarath. In the course of defeating Jericho, Raven's physical body was destroyed, an the good "half" of her soul sought refuge in the body of her friend and teammate Starfire. Raven's demonic side manifested itself and did a host of evils to the Titans and their allies before it was ultimately and finally destroyed by Raven's good side. Existing now as an extension of her soul-self, Raven briefly staid on New Tameran, ultimately traveling on to explore her new existence.

Recently she encountered her old teammate Wally West, now the Flash, as he was attempting to rescue his captured lover from there. She aided him as best she could, and followed him back to Earth where both heroes were caught up in the events that reshaped the Titans once again.

Powers/Weapons: Raven exists now solely as her soul-self. She can transform it's normal birdlike shape into a glowing visage of her human form. Exactly how this has affected Raven's powers is unclear. She still seems able to teleport both herself and others vast distances and across dimensions, but what her new limits are is still unknown. Apparently Raven's soul-self can still absorb all manner of attacks and send them "elsewhere". Her empathic ability to both sense pain and disease in and to remove them from others also appears intact.

In her pervious human form, Raven could create mental illusions of her opponent's greatest fears or desires. She could calm the enraged. These powers were amplified when used though her soul-self. Of course, her powers also could be used for the opposite effects, i.e. she could project pain and harm, manipulate people into fits of fear and rage, and other destructive mystic feats. Since these aspects of her powers were closely related to her more demonic nature, the pacifist Raven almost always avoided using them unless under outside influence or under extreme duress. Whether Raven still possesses these powers, or any new ones as a result of her transformation has yet to be documented.





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