Who Again? Who's Next?

Full Name:
Occupation: Ruler of Apokolips
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Queen Heggra (Grandmother; deceased), Darkseid (Father; deceased), Steppenwolf (Uncle; deceased), Kalibak (Half-brother; deceased), Tigra (Mother), Izaya the Inheritor (Stepfather; one with the Source), Takion (Adopted brother), Scott Free (Adopted brother), Big Barda Free(Adopted sister-in-law)
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Justice League of America
Base of Operations: Apokolips
First FDC Appearance: New Gods #20
Height: 6'1" Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Green Hair: Red

History: Born to an arranged union between Darkseid and Tigra, Orion grew up on Apokolips never knowing his true father. Exiled from his homeworld in exchange for Scott Free in the pact that ended the Great Clash between New Genesis and Apokolips, Orion grudgingly accepted the ways of Izaya, the peaceful Highfather of New Genesis and his surrogate father under the terms of the pact. Over the years, Orion grew up a distant yet respected figure by the people of New Genesis, all the while unaware of his true heritage and haunted by his demonic true countenance (hidden to all others by a Mother Box) and warlike ways. After Orion grew into manhood, Darkseid began building hidden outposts on Earth and abducted humans to Apokolips in an attempt to discover the hidden Anti-Life Equation, which Darkseid believed would give him complete control over the universe and was hidden in the minds of Earth people. After discovering kidnapped humans on Apokolips and being warned to Darkseid's gambit by the academic Metron, Orion made his way to Earth and fought a hidden war in the city of Metropolis against Darkseid and his followers with the aid of his best friend from New Genesis, Lightray, and humans such as Dave Lincoln, Victor Lanza, and Dan "Terrible" Turpin. During a duel with Kalibak (one of several over the course of the war), Orion correctly deduced the truth about his heritage, reasoning that creatures such as Kalibak, Darkseid, and himself, who were violent and destructive, must be related. Over the years, Orion- occasionally as part of the Justice League- Lightray, Scott Free, and several others fought Darkseid in an unending standstill. However, though their efforts, Darkseid was unable to discover the secret of Anti-Life. Finally, a few years after Izaya was slain by the Greek god Ares and Takion had become the Highfather, Orion tired of the standstill and led a group of New Genesis soldiers to Apokolips. In a bloody march, Orion and his troops killed virtually all of Darkseid's elite and, in the slums of Armagetto, destroyed Darkseid in combat. Warily, Takion agreed to Orion's request that he be allowed to take his father's place as the ruler of Apokolips and allowed Orion to retain the services of the New Genesis soldiers so long as Apokolips' interests did not conflict with those of New Genesis. Orion abandoned his battle gear and started wearing red robes reminiscent of Izaya's and began efforts to turn Apokolips into a peaceful, happy world like New Genesis. Recently, a new era of peace co-operation between Takion and Orion has started after Solaris's attack on New Genesis, with Takion admiring Orion's peacekeeping skills during the crisis and Orion admiring the battle prowess Takion showed when attacking Solaris. Orion accepted Takion as his adopted brother and a fellow surrogate son of Izaya, seemingly bringing to an end the millennia-old conflicts and tensions between New Genesis and Apokolips.

Powers and Abilities: Orion is superhumanly strong and possesses great endurance. Like all New Gods, he ages very slowly and can survive in the vacuum of space.

Weapons and Equipment: Orion, like many other New Gods, carries a Mother Box, an all-purpose living computer. Although he has abandoned it as part of his efforts to find peace, Orion also has access to an Astro-Harness, which allowed him to fly at great speeds and tap into a destructive energy known as the Astro-Force, as well as wrist circuits incorporated into his battle gear that also allowed him to wield the Astro-Force.

Physical Appearance: When not disguised by Mother Box, Orion's face is distorted, with a large right eye, wild tufts of hair for eyebrows, and battle scars. When disguised by Mother Box, he appears as a handsome, heroic figure. In his most fearsome battles, Orion's disguise has failed him and his true face has become revealed. In the past, he wore a silver helmet with an orange sun in the center, orange lines around the eyes, and spiked peaks on either side as well as a red bodysuit with dark blue gloves,boots, and ;outer underwear. Currently, he wears a simple red robe with a blue collar, sans helmet.




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