Who Again? Who's Next?

the Joker

Alter Ego: Unknown
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Fomer member of the Injustice Gang II
Base of Operations: Gotham City
First faux-DC Appearance: Batman #10
Height: 6'5" Weight: 192 lbs.
Eyes:Green Hair: Green

History: Virtually nothing is known about the past of the man who would become the Joker. Joker himself has stated that he himself is no longer sure of his true origins. He's been rumored to have been everything from a former lab worker, to a down and out comic, to a mob hit man. What is known is that he donned the identity of the Red Hood to aid in the robbery of theMonarch Playing Card Company. (The Red Hood was a criminal who had been plaguing Gotham at the time with a series of daring robberys. Whether the Joker was the Hood all along or simply donned the metalic mask just for that one robbery is at present unclear.) It was at Monarch that the Red Hood was conered by the police and Batman. Red Hood fell into a catch basin full of the company's waste chemicals, a basin that emptied into Gotham river. Whether he leaped on his own or fell in by accident in his confrontation with Batman is unclear. At any rate the Hood's helmet like mask had a limted air supply allowing the criminal to swim through the noxious chemicals and escape into the river.

When the Red Hood removed his mask he discovered that his little swim had left it's mark on him. His skin was bleached white, his hair permently died bright green, and his lips forever color ruby red. This transformation was too much for him to bear and his mind snapped completely. Convinced this was some kind of sign, the madman took on a new identity, inspired by the playing card company that had been responsible for his transformation, and became the Clown Prince of Crime, The Harlequin of Hate- the Joker!

In his new identity, the Joker quickly became the Batman's arch-foe, as the Dark Knight continually tests his dedutive skills against the Joker's murderous insanity. At this point their repeated life-and-death battle of wits has become quite personal for both men. The Joker recently upped the stakes consideribly by slaughtering an entire commercial plane load of people, over 300 passengers and crew, just to get Batman's attention over the course of their latest run in. After an escape during the chaos that followed the attempted "Cold Armageddon" invasion, the Joker is presently at large. Make no mistake, the Joker is THE most dangerous madman on the face of the Earth.

Powers/Weapons: An average athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, the Joker's madness has in the past granted him almost super human strength when in the heat of a fight, making him an even match for the Batman's prestigous fighting skills.

The Joker is also a master chemist, capable of creating a wide variety of poisonous, corrsive, and explosive chemicals from fairly common house hold items. His trade mark is his Joker Venom, a deadly poison that kills it's victims within seconds, sometimes in a fit of uncotrolable laughter, and always pulling the victim's face into a twisted smile. Joker has proven he can create a version of this venom from just about anything.

The Joker also uses a wide variety of weapons, all modeled after various practicle joke/novelty items. Among the most common are his 50,000 volt joy buzzer, his squirt flower which has been shown to spew powerful acid, Joker venom, or even Nitro Glycoren, razor sharp metal playing cards, explosive whoopee cushions, and lead filled rubber chickens.

The Joker's most dangerous weapon though is his demented but brilliant mind. When facing the Joker, expect the unexpected and then some.





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