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Hawkwoman II

Real Name: Shayera Thal
Occupation: Former Thanagarian police Officer, current Detective
Marital Status: Engaged to be married
Known Relatives: Shayera Thal (mother- deceased), Thal Porvis (grandfather)
Kartar Hol(fiancee)
Group Affiliation: Inactive member of JLA, former incarnation was in JSA.
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois. previosuly Detroit and Thanagar.
First FDC Appearance: Hawkman #34
Hair color: Stawberry Blonde
Eye color: Green

History: At a young age, Shayera Thal was abandoned by her mother, the original Shayera Thal. She was raised on the Downside of Thanagar, but her caretaker was killed by a renegade Wingman and his rookie partner, Katar Hol, who refused to fire on the helpless man. Shayera was soon adopted by Thal Porvis, her grandfather, although he did not discover this for many years. He named her after his late daughter, her mother Shayera. She ultimately became a Wingman herself, and was drawn into the operations of the Shadow Lord, a Downside gang leader and freedom fighter. She discovered that it was Katar Hol, and, based on his prompting, discovered that he had been framed for treason. The two worked together to expose Byth Rok, the head of the Wingmen. Katar was reinstated as a Wingman, and the two were sent to Earth to capture Byth. They became known as Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Shortly after this, shayera discovered her father was the head of the Thanagarian Council, Andar Pul. When exposed to the Earth ideals that America was founded on, Katar Hol went renegade, and began to fight for the freedom of the Downsiders. Shayera Thal ultimately decided her loyalty was with him. The two defected to Earth, and acted as heroes until Shayera was apparently killed by Count Viper. After Katar discovered she was still alive, he freed her from Viper's clutches. Shortly thereafter, the Hawkgod destroyed Shayera's wings. She went into a depression, and ultimately left Katar hol to bcome a detective in Detroit. The two were reunited when Hol went mad as a result of his merger with other Hawkmen and the manipulations of Neron. In the end, Katar was sent to another dimension. Shayera and the sorceror Arion began a plan to free him from the madness. In the process, Shayera became a hawk avatar herself. At the conclusion of this adventure, Katar proposed to Shayera, who accepted.

Powers: At this time, Shayera has shown no superhuman powers other than those typical to Thanagarians, such as being able to survive briefly in space. She has recently been made a hawk avatar, which gives her the memories of previous Hawkwomen and other powers, which may develop in the future. She currently uses wings made from the Nth metal to fly. She is also an expert with weaponry, and a good detective.





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