Who Again? Who's Next?

Full Name: Katar Hol (Currently using name Carter Hall)
Occupation: Former Thanagarian police Officer, current history professor.
Marital Status: Engaged to be married
Known Relatives: Paran Katar (deceased, father), Naomi Carter (mother),
Shayera Thal (fiancee)
Group Affiliation: Inactive member of JLA, former incarnation was in JSA.
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
First FDC Appearance: Hawkman #34 This incarnation of Katar's first appearance was Hawkworld miniseries #1 in regular continuity. His first appearance as the Hawk Avatar was in Zero Hour and Hawkman #0
Height: 6'2
Weight: 120 lbs, thanks to Nth metal in body negating gravity.
Eyes: Gray, yellow and hawklike when wings are extended.
Hair: Black

History: Katar Hol is a refugee from the planet Thanagar. A former member of it's corrupt police force, Hol was sent to Earth to bring in former police captain Byth Rok. After reading the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as well as other historic documents, Katar Hol became convinced that freedom was a goal worth dying for. After leading a revolution on Thanagar, Katar, alongside many refugees, fled back to Earth, where he defected to Earth. During the events of Zero Hour, Katar Hol became merged with the spirits of previous Hawk beings and ultimately lost control of himself. After a battle with the Hawkgod in it's own dimension, Katar returned with the spirits totally merged with his own. He recently proposed marriage to his longtime partner, Shayera Thal, who accepted.

Powers and Abilities: Katar Hol's powers as a Hawk avatar have yet to be fully revealed. He can fly at great speed through natural wings. He heals from wounds incredibly fast, can communicate with animals, read the auras of people, and is resistant to the vacuum of space. He is slowly developing resistances to other forms of attack. During a moment of great stress, Katar was able to mindblast an enemy, but it is unknown if this power will develop further. He also has all of the knowledge acquired by the Hawk Avatars throughout history which makes him an expert warrior, archaeologist, gunfighter, linguist and many other things.

Weapons and Equipment: Hawkman is an expert with all sorts of ancient weaponry, as well as most modern ones. He regularly uses a mace, sling, throwing stars, and a huge Bundi dagger (a katar, appropriately enough.), as well as a Thanagarian gravity pistol. He has access to a Thanagarian absorbascon, which allows him to read the minds of any sentient being and implants that knowledge in his own brain. Lastly, he has access to most of the advanced technology of the Thanagarians and the peoples that they conquered.




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