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the Federal Men

Alter Ego: various
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none
Group Affiliation: the Federal Men, the Doves (see Brave and the Bold #211-220)
Base of Operations: Washington, DC
First faux-DC Appearance: Brave and the Bold #203
Height: 5'11"-6'2" Weight: 160-200
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond

History: After World War Two began, but before the United States entered the conflict, President Roosevelt, F.B.I. Director Hoover, and Office of Strategic Services Director Donovan met secretly in Washington. They shared a mutual concern over the rise in Axis spy attempts within the borders of the United States; they were likewise aware of somewhat widespread sympathy for the Axis and antipathy for the United States in Mexico, which manifested itself as aid given to various German and Japanese spies by Mexicans in both Mexico and the United States. Director Hoover stoutly maintained that the Bureau was quite capable of dealing with any spies within the borders of the United States, but freely admitted that his ability to pursue them over the border into Mexico or Canada was quite limited. So, after some deliberation, a secret group, reporting only to the President, was formed: the Federal Men. Made up of former F.B.I. agents, police, and military men--all of whom were single and without significant family ties--the brief of the Federal Men was simple: find spies and capture them--alive if possible, dead if not. By Presidential Order the Federal Men were made immune from prosecution on civil or criminal charges (although internal processes were created to deal with Federal Men who went bad), and so they were free to go after spies and extraordinary criminals by whatever fashion they chose, whether inside the United States or outside its borders. Wearing matching serge suits, the Federal Men quickly became a sight feared by both criminal and spy alike.

Powers/Weapons: None of the Federal Men have any superpowers, but all are in excellent shape, top-notch hand-to-hand combatants, and excellent shots.





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