Who Again? Who's Next?


Alter Ego: Selina Kyle
Occupation: Professional Criminal and Adverturer
Marital Status:
Known Relatives: Karl Kyle (brother)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Gotham/Global
First faux-DC Appearance:
Height:5'7" Weight: 128 lbs.
Eyes:green Hair: black

History: Selina Kyle began her criminal career as a hooker working in Gotham's East End. She first encountered Bruce Wayne when the would be hero went on his first and only patrol of Gotham before he adopted his Batman identity. Selina saw Wayne again a short time later, this time in his guise as Batman. Batman inspired Selina to use her natural athletism and skills in combination with her love of cats to become Catwoman. Catwoman then began a string of daring catburglies across Gotham. Catwoman first met Batman when she was attempting to rob the penthouse of Gotham's most powerful crimelord, the Roman. At the time, Batman saved Catwoman's life from the Roman's men.

Over the next several years, Catwoman seemed to battle the Dark Knight as often as she'd aid him. The two are strongly attracted to each other, and Selina even dated Bruce Wayne for a time, though at the time, niether knew the other's identity. Presently, Batman knows Catwoman's indentity, but it's unclear whether she knows his. Over the years, Selina seemed to curb her criminal activities, in an attempt to win Batman's heart. But currently she seems to split her time between larsoness activities and serving as a sometime heroine. It has been speculated that at this point, Selina suffers from cleptomainia, and may be unable to stop stealing even if she wanted to.

Her relationship with Batman is... complicated. She is at present an unrepentant criminal (though she prides herself on not being a murderer), but unlike most other costumed criminals in Gotham, Batman has made no move to capture her. In fact, he has called on her as an allie on serveral occassions, including serving for one mission for the JLA and giving her access to their Watchtower on that occassion. Yet she when these teamings with heroes end, Catwoman always returns to her criminal ways.

Powers/Weapons: Selina is anOlympic class althete, an exeptional hand to hand combatant, and a master theif. She is presently the best catburgler in the world, with all the skills that title entails. Her current weapons include clawed gloves designed for aiding in scaling walls and cutting glass, but equally effective as close quarter weapons. She is a master of the whip, both as a tool and a weapon.




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