Who Again? Who's Next?

Alter Ego: Bruce Wayne
Occupation: Multibillionaire socialite, princpal stockholder in Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne (parents, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Justice League of America, former- Outsiders
Base of Operations: Gotham City
First faux-DC Appearance: Batman #1
Height:6'2" Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes:Blue Hair: Black

History: Bruce Wayne was born to a life of luxery, his father Thomas was a prominent doctor in Gotham city. He grew up in his family estate, the enmormous Wayne Manor. The Wayne family butler, Alfred Pennyworth helped to look after Bruce during the boy's early years.

Unfirtunately tragedy struck the Waynes. When Bruce was only six years old, he watched in helpless horror as a gunman named Joe Chill murdered Bruce's parents before his eyes in a failed robbery attempt as the family was leaving a movie theater in what is now known as crime alley. Bruce was found there, kneeling over his parents bloodied bodies by Leslie Thompkins, a physician and social worker who was also an old friend of Bruce's father. Leslie was appointed Bruce's legal guardian and together she and Alfred raised Bruce in Wayne Manor.

Young Bruce vowed on his parents grave that he would avenge them by warring agianst all criminals. From that point on, he trained himself to physical and mental perfection in order to become a pefect crime-fighting machine. In his teens and early twenties, Bruce traveled the world learning from the masters of various disciplines he thought he would need in his upcoming mission. Upon his return to Gotham, Bruce disguised himself and went out in search of criminals in Gotham's crime ridden East End. His first outing was less than successful. He ended up wounded by his opponents and captured by the police. Fortunately he escaped before his identity could be discovered.

Returning to Wayne Manor, the bloodied and battered Bruce sat in his study, staring at a bust of his father. His frustration mounted as he realise that all his training was in vain without an edge, something that would make his opponents fear him on sight and thereby give him the advantage in his crusade. It was at that momment that a great bat came crashing through the window and landed on the head of the statue.Inspired by the sight, Wayne fasioned himself a new identity as the Batman. At first he only intrusted his duel identity with Alfred, who was still in his employ, and with Thompkins, although the later did not approve.

His first year, Batman spent as much time dodging Gotham's then corrupt police department as fighting crime, but he found an allie in an honest cop named Lt. James Gordon, and in the dashing young Gotham D.A. Harvey Dent. Together, they cleaned Gotham's P.D. of it's corrupt elements and brought down the largest of Gotham's crime families. Batman finally confronted Joe Chill early in his second year, but his parents killer was in turn murdered by the Reaper, a psychotic vigilante that had terrorised Gotham long before Bruce became Batman. Batman defeated the Reaper eventually. Gordon eventually became Police Commisioner, a position he hold to this day. Unfortunately, Dent was horribly scarred on the left half of his face, pushing the driven D.A. over the edge to become the villianous Two-Face. Over the same period, Batman became a respected allie of the G.P.D. and one of the world's most notorious crimefighters. Batman also worked with the JLA on a few cases, before officially joining the fledgling group.

Bruce Wayne became the legal guardian of young Dick Grayson, a circus performer whose parent who worked with him as the Flying Grayson's were murdered as part of an attempt to extort money from the circus they worked for. Grason became Batman's partner Robin the Boy Wonder, and the two spent the next several years plauging Gotham's criminal element. When Dick was 19, he left Batman after a bitter argument to go on his own. Batman/Bruce took in a young street kid named Jason Todd and trained him to be the second Robin, with tragic results. Jason was brutally murdered by the Batman's arch foe, the Joker.

After Jason's death, the Batman became increasingly violent, until a oung admirer of his, Tim Drake, brought the Batman and Grayson, now calling himself Nightwing, back together again breifly. Drake went on to become the thrid Robin.

Batman briefly turned over his identity on two occasions, the first to the unstabal crimefighter Azreal when Wayne thought he was going to be permentently crippled after a fight with the crimanl powerhouse Bane. After recovering both his health and name, Bruce very breifly gave the Batman identity to Grayson while he got his head back together after the whole long ordeal. Wayne has since taken back his Batman identity anGrayson has resumed being Nightwing. The relationship between the two, once very strained, has now healed.

Batman is headquartered out of his Batcave, a large cave complex beneath Wayne Manor that Bruce acidentally discovered when he was a boy. The cave houses some of the most state of the art crimefighting equipment known to man, as well as Batman's various vehicles. Drake/Robin continues to function as Batman's primary partner, aided occassionally by Nightwing, and assisted by Oracel, the former Batgirl and current computer expert.

Powers/Weapons: Physically, Batman operates at a level far above most Olympic athletes. He is a master of most known fighting styles. Batman is a exceptional stategist and tacticain, a master of disguise, and has extensive knowledge of various scinetifics and engineering disciplines. His deductive skills are second to none. Only Mister Miracle is a better escape artist.

Batman uses a wide variety of weapons and crimefighting equipment in his utility belt, and hidden about his costume. He has various means of transportation, including the Batmobile, the Batjet, and the Batcycle.

He recently debuted a armored costume for use on space missions with the JLA. The suit was designed by Batman and Steel, based on Thangarian technology provided by Hawkman.




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