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Alter Ego: Jean Paul Valley
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father (deceased)
Group Affiliation: Order of St. Dumas (former)
Base of Operations: Mobile, former- Gotham City
First faux-DC Appearance: Azrael: Chaos of Order
Height: Unrevealed Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Blonde

History: Jean Paul Valley was given an inherited birth rite by witnessing his father dying before his feet. After donning his father's suit, the Order of Dumas' System of tortorous training kicked in and made him Azrael.

Powers/Weapons: Bulletproof armor,gauntlets with extendable magnesium alloy blades capabale of ignition. Martial Arts expert in various forms of combat, to the level of Bruce Wayne. Several various skills often associated with assassins.



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