Current Writers/Editors Old Friends

Ralph Angelo, Jr., Executive Editor, Superman, Firestorm, JLA
Clay Arceneaux, Executive Editor, Webmaster, the New Titans, Batman
Chuck Burke, Mysteries of SHAZAM!, Wildcat
TJ Burns, Hawkman, Green Lantern
Paul Daimler, Supergirl, Powergirl
Bob Danner, All-Star Comics, Freedom Fighters
Dale Glaser, Editor in Chief, Bad Blood, Green Lantern, JLA, Crisis of Destiny
Mike Hintze, Assistant Editor, Justice Society of America, Wonder Woman
Joe King, Jonah Hex
Dallas Lee, Swamp Thing
Dave Marshall, All-American Comics, Legionnaires, Higher Learning
Mikel Midnight, Crime Crusaders Comics, Brave and the Bold
Josh Monaco-Tibbets, Young Gods of the Acropolis
Barry Reese, the Legion of Superheroes, the Forgotten Heroes, Crusaders, OMAC, Supergirl, Hawk & Dove
Josh Reynolds, the Secret Six
Tony Thornley, Superboy : Wildcard, Nightwing
David Tillinger, Green Arrow, JLA: the Wedding


Bryan Albright, the Flash
Gregg Allinson, the New Gods
Cliff Arceneaux, Batman
Chistopher Barr, the Sentinel
Kell Carpenter, Supergirl
Joshua Corum, Editor, Webmaster, Crisis of Destiny
Brendan Crowther, Euroguard/JLE
Gary Dreslinski, Doom Patrol, Supergirl, Extreme Justice, Shade the Changed Man
Doc, Adventure Comics, the Flash
Ken Hintze, Martian Manhunter
Jess Nevins, the Brave and the Bold
Rory O'Sullivan, Batman Beyond
Jason Reeps, the Flash
Jonah Rite, the Flash, the Spectre
Will Short, House of Magic
Michael Stewart, the New Titans
Steve Swartz, Batman
Matt Turnage, JLA, Green Lantern
Karl Volmer, Azreal

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December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016



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