Name: T. Anthony Thornley, or Tony for short
Age: 16
Place of Residence: I don't really want to say, but let's just go with Utah.
Faux DC Project: Superboy/Wildcard, Nightwing
Faux DC ambition: Introduce Avator to continuity, and to shake up the status quo
Real World Ambition: Life, love, good friends, qualify for state in track, and music
Favorite DC Character: Superboy
Favorite Mid-afternoon snack: Food, and lots of it
My origin in 20 words or less: I'm a Mormon boy from Utah. Good enough?
Influences on my Faux Dc work will be: Karl Kesel, Peter David
The first DC comic I read when I get home: whatever looks good, which is usually Young Justice
And when I read that comic I listen to: uh... music?
And when I ain't readin' or writin' comics I: play music on my sax and bassoon, sing, run track, relax
But all of this is irrelivant because: who said this is irrelivant?!? Huh?!?

Tony's work can be found Here:

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