Name : Will Short
Email :
Age : 17
Place or Residence : Dallas, TX
Faux DC Project : First "House of Magic" arc (#1-4, completed)
Faux DC Ambition : Bring Vertigo magic to FDC (done), perhaps something with Doctor Fate (unsure of which incarnation) or even Hawkman, if and when available
Real World Ambition : To be a well known musician, comic writer, or both.
Favorite DC Character : Swamp Thing or the Flash
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack : Chee-Tos and Mountain Dew
My Origin in 20 words or less: : Born with super-ambition, my German descent makes me violent, though weak to time constaints.
Influences on my Faux DC work will be : Mike Allred, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Alan Moore, Mark Waid, Grant Morrison
I Hate the way DC Comics editors have handled Hawkman because they've ruined his background, his place in continuity (he's been in the Hawkgod's realm for years), and the icon that he is: Science fiction, Egyptian, nature's warrior.
The first DC comic I read when I get home is : Green Arrow
And when I ain't writtin' of readin' comics, I : Work (at a pizza place), attend high school, play and listed to music, lift weights and wrestle.
But all of this is irrelevant 'cos : I've started my OWN DC site, even though I find myself drawn here.

Will's work can be found Here:



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