Name:Mikel Midnight
Age: 40
Place of Residence: Northern California
Faux DC Projects: Crime Crusaders Comics
Real World Ambition: Get a real job
Favorite DC Character: Superman
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack: Mixed Nuts
My Origin in 20 words or less: Born Queens NY, then on to Florida, Arizona, the United Kingdom, Michigan, and California ... with diversions along the way.
Influences on my Faux DC work will be: James Robinson, Matt Wagner
The first DC comic I read when I get home is: New Frontier
And when I'm reading that comic I listen to: Reel Big Fish and various other members of the worldwide ska community, or my new favorite band, The Used
And when I ain't writin' or readin' comics, I : take classes
But all of this is irrelevant 'cos : the world as we know it is going to end in the next few decades.

Mikel's Work can be found Here:

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