Name: Kell Carpenter
Email Address:
Age: 29
Place of Residence: Milledgeville, GA
Faux DC Project: (former) co-writer on Supergirl
Faux DC Ambition: to have fun reading the "regular" work, and contribute some stories here and there (in other words: "HAVE FUN!")
Real World Ambition: To do this stuff and get PAID to do it!
Favorite DC Character: The Question, Martian Manhunter, Suicide Squad, Hitman (Sorry, they're ALL my faves!)
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack: chips 'n dip
My Origin in 20 words or less: Rocketed to Earth as an infant,, you know the rest! ;)
Influences on my Faux DC work will be: Everything I've ever read.
I hate the way DC has handled the Multiple Earths because I really, REALLY miss Earth-2!!
The first DC comic I read when I get home is: Hitman
And when I'm reading that comics I listen to: whatever's going on around me
And when I ain't writtin' or readin' comics, I : surf the 'Net, read books, spend time with my wife (Hi Melena!)
But all of this is irrelevant 'cos : The great battle of Armageddon is coming, when Grant Morrison and Alan Moore do final battle and destroy the world... ;)


Kell's work can be found Here:



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