Name: Mike Hintze
Email :
Age : 30
Place or Residence : Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
Faux DC Project : JLA group Editor, writer on JSA and Wonder Woman, co-writer on Batman
Faux DC Ambition : To eventually stage a coup and replace Clay and Ralph as the rulers of FDC! (shhhhhhhhhhhh!)
Real World Ambition : To be a writer, comics or otherwise.
Favorite DC Character : Batman
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack : Fudgesicles
My Origin in 20 words or less : A rocket from another world crashed in rural opened and there I was!
Influences on my Faux DC work will be : Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Geoff Johns, Barry Reese and my wife Simia!
I Hate the way Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray has handled Hawkman because he's supposed to be one of the old guard of the DCU, not a minor character who gets killed by some minor villains! This series needs to shape up soon or I'm gone.
The first DC comic I read when I get home is : JSA or Batman.
And when I'm reading that comic I listen to : Batman Begins Soundtrack
And when I ain't writtin' of readin' comics, I : am thinking about comics. Oh, and hanging out with my wife, too.
But all of this is irrelevant 'cos : we're all gonna end up kneeling before Zod...

Mike's Work can be found Here:

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