Name:Paul Daimler
Age: 32
Place of Residence: Portland, OR
Faux DC Projects: Supergirl, Powergirl
Faux DC Ambition: write my favorite characters while remaining true to their histories and helping further overlooked characters.
Real World Ambition: To be paid for writing.
Favorite DC Character: Wonder Woman
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack: pepperoni pizza rolls
My Origin in 20 words or less: It was a dark and stormy night ... and his parents didn't understand how to use contraceptives. Four years later he discovered a Wonder Woman comic book…
Influences on my Faux DC work will be: George Perez's era of Wonder Woman because I loved the way he plotted those issues. Also, Supergirl's run in Adventure Comics and her strip in the Superman Family, because while uneven there was some great stuff happening in there.
I hate the way Dan DiDio has handled the DC Universe because he decided to do away with the Matrix-Linda Lee Supergirl for an anemic version that doesn't even reach the glory of the pre-Crisis Supergirl and allows the new Wonder Woman book to be so late that the first storyline won't even be finished by the time the Wonder Woman movie is released.
The first DC comic I read when I get home is: whatever I'm least looking forward to. I save the best for last. These days it's usually 52.
And when I'm reading that comic I listen to: the nightly news
And when I ain't writin' or readin' comics, I : work at a thankless job, work as a freelance event planner, try to remember what a social life is, and try to raise my cat to be a good productive member of society.
But all of this is irrelevant 'cos : It'll all be rebooted in about a year by the next big cross-over.

Paul's Work can be found Here:

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