The Rules
So, you really have decided to write for the Faux-DC, huh?   Well, now it's time for you to check out the rules.


the Dibs List
Planning on using a character?   Better check the list -- Name of character appears first, then writer who has them dibbed and for what title. For those interested in writing a "Golden Age" story, check out our Golden Age Dibs List.

Now you've got to decide where you think your idea will fit inside our established continuity. Of course, if there are certain cases in which this doesn't matter so much, like an Elseworld idea.

Now all that remians is to pitch your idea to the Powers that Be. Just drop us a line at and/or, and someone will get back to you about your idea as quickly as possible. Please try to be as specific as possible about what you have in mind, and if you've written fanfic anywhere else, please tell us where so we can see your work.

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Come on. You knew we were going to plug this again, didn't you?

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