These books are available... or will be very soon. We're accepting proposals for new writers on all of them.

Some of these series, or their title characters, have had a presence at FDC in the past. In those cases, the logo is linked to the earlier issues. You may propose a direct continuation of the series or a new volume, but either way, we'd prefer to see you incorporate and build on what's gone before, rather than ignore it.

If the logo is unlinked, it's a blank slate! You just have to fit into our existing cut-off based continuity - but the editors will be happy to help you with that!

By no means should you limit yourself to the titles below - if you have the commitment and passion to write any series not currently being produced at FauxDC, we want to hear from you. But if you're interested in approaching from the angle of filling what we see as a void, we present them here for your perusal.

Finally, just because a title is open does not automatically mean that every character who has ever appeared in that book is available. Always check the Dibs List for character availability!

For more information on submitting proposals or contacting the editors, check out our How To Join section.


Animal Man Aquaman Azrael Blue Beetle
Booster Gold Catwoman Checkmate The Demon
Doom Patrol Firestorm the Nuclear Man The Fastest Man Alive Forgotten Heroes
Freedom Fighters Gotham Central Huntress Impulse
Knight and Squire Lobo Metal Men New Gods
Primal Force The Question The Ray Resurrection Man
Secret Six the Shadow Strikes Shadowpact the Spectre
Steel Suicide Squad Vixen Wildcat
Young Heroes in Love Zatanna


Batman: Beyond


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