Feb. 14, 2005

We've got a brand new series up at FDC!
It's so new it's full of people you've never heard of!
From the fertile imagination of David Marshall comes another original Faux DC series- Higher Learning. In fact I'll let David tell you more about it himself:

Ah, those good ol' high school days! You remember
them, right? Those perfect girls destined for fame as
swimsuit models and actresses. The jocks that make
life so miserable. Those who fit in, those who don't,
and those somewhere in the middle just trying to get
by without drawing too much attention to themselves.
Oh, and don't forget the super-villains!
What? You don't remember that part? Then go back to
school with FDC's new original series, Higher
Find out what happens when an eccentric professor has a
dream of training young minds in the ways of crime!
And you know things are bound to get interesting with
a school staff that includes the Black Hand and Gizmo
of the Fearsome Five! So pull out that old letterman
jacket (even if you got it for the Debate Team or the
Math Club) and check out Higher Learning!

Miry Clay
Editor in Chief of FauxDC

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