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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 3:27 PM
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Subject: [faux-dc] Got an Announcement to make...

While I've got a minute I thought I'd go ahead and make a official something that was actually done about a month ago. With a decision that rates
somewhere between careful deliberation and a whim, I've added two more members to the Faux DC editorial board affectionately referred to as the Guardians. These two guys got this "honor" for being hard working guys, who've done a lot for this site, for sticking with us during times when we didn't even have a site, and mostly because they made the always fatal mistake of asking me "How can I help you out?". I'm speaking of Dave Marshall and Mike Hintze. They are now fully authorized to make site updates, recruit and approve new titles, and handle all your editorial needs. All wise acre comments aside, I'm really glad to have both of them on our editorial team, and expecting nothing but good from this decision.

So I know you're next question... why does one group need 5 guys with the word editor in their title? Well that's simple, I want to prevent the situation we had this summer when there was new material being produced, but Dale, Ralph, and myself were all to busy to get the site updated. Adding to more people with "keys" to the site makes that situation that much more
unlikely. Also... this is a big site these days with nearly 600 pages of material. The days when you could ask me or Ralph what was going on in any given title and we'd know are long gone. And we want the site to do nothing but grow!

Does that mean Ralph, Dale, and I are planning on disappearing? Well I didn't plan on disappearing the last two times, neither did Ralph or Dale. But life happens. Right now I've got a good amount of time I can devote to the group, but that could change next week. Ralph's in the middle of a time consuming for-pay project as we speak. Dale's schedule is just now freeing up a little. We're trying to put people in place so should any one or two of us need to disappear again, it won't disrupt anything.

So stay tuned folks. We've got big things in the works for Faux DC!
Thanks always for your continued support

Miry Clay
Editor in Chief of FauxDC

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