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Sent: Friday, March 31, 2000 11:19 AM
Subject: [faux-dc] Lots of shuffling in the titles department

We've had several creative changeovers in the past few weeks, some folks have moved on to other projects and new faces have come on board to take their place. And we've had a couple of mini series "graduate" into full ongoing titles!

First up we have Dave Marshall, who has taken the writing reins for Alan Scott: the Sentinel from the departing Chris Barr. Dave plans to continue Chris's plot threads, plus put his own spin on this GA hero and his all new city.

Gord Thompson takes over Batman: Beyond as the title moves into it's second year. Expect more animated action in the FDC style as Gord plans to work in elements from the Kids WB show's new season, and make a much requested
addition to the Batman of the futures cast.

And for a two issue limited engagement Doc of Adventure Comics will be putting his spin on the Fastest Man Alive. So which two mini's are expanding into ongoings?

Well Chuck Burke is going to keep on telling tales of the Wildcat, diving into the characters rich history as well as depicting his modern adventures.

and Bobby Danner will be continuing the Freedom Fighters with issue #5. Bobby's mini generated a lot of buzz, and we're happy to see him continue to build on the solid foundation his mini laid out.

Is that all in the way of FDC news? For right now, yes. We do have some big things looming on the horizon, some brand new series, and some persistent rumor about a multi-group crossover.

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