From the FDC mailing list

Posted January 4, 2000

Most of you who have been faithfully frequenting our Wed. night chats
already know this, but FDC has several new series to announce!

We have-

WildCat, Requiem for a Heavyweight, by Chuck Burke, a three issue mini
series. Chuck's already sent me his first issue, expect to see it up in the
next update (soon, very soon!)

Primal Force, the project Eric Northcutt has been researching for the better
part of a year! Very happy to finally be able to roll that one out!

Legion of Super-Heroes, by the ever controversial writing team of Sammy
Lindon and Bobby Danner. You guys are well aware that this has been a hole
in our schedule I've wanted filled ages and I'm glad it's finally coming

And lastly but not leastly,
Avator, the all original series by Tony Thornley.

The pages that will hold these stories are near competition, and I know that
the writers in question are racing to get their first stories in (except
Chuck, who handed in his first story within the hour I excepted his
proposal. Confident cuss isn't he?)

I'll talk to you guys more as the week rolls on.

Miry Clay
EiC of FDC


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