So a funny thing happened...

Actually it wasn't funny at all. On 2/2/99, my wife was in a pretty serious car accident. As you can imagine that put a real damper on my ability to keep the news section current. Well, by the time she recovered my small business started booming, which also ment I didn't have the time I needed to keep this section current.

That by no means means that FDC has been quietly sitting idle while I was busy. I'll just give you the highlights of what has been a turmoltious 6 mos.:

  • Tim Hartin and Justin Blum left FDC. While both left amicably, they requested that we remove their series, Green Arrow and Blue Devil respectively, from our site and from our continuity. So forget you read them, they never happened.
  • The promised Detective Comics series, and the Legion series never materialized. (don't ask)
  • We have had several writing shuffles. Mike Hintze now writes Wonder Woman, My brother Cliff and I now write Batman, and Matt Turnage has taken the reigns of the JLA.
  • New series launched since I last updated this section are:
  • After one year of faithful service, our Executive Editor Josh Corum has stepped down to head off to college. Replacing him as my new right hand man is Ralph Angelo, writer of our excellent Superman series.

    That's enough to digest in one gulp. I'll add more a little later.

(Miry) Clay Arceneaux
Editor in Chief of Faux DC
Co-writer on New Titans and Batman


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