Posted to, on Jan. 12, 1999:

FDC is growing and for that I couldn't be happier. I have 6, count 'em SIX
new series to announce today. And some writer switching to announce as well.
So without further adue (what's an adue anyway?), I give you the third wave
of FDC!!!

Chase, written by a fine fellow called Cole

Hellbazer, written by Jason Kenney

the Return of the New Gods, by Gregg Allinson, who most of you know better
as King Mob

Tales of the Blue Devil by Justin Blum

Captain Marvel, by our regular Bat-scribe Steve Swartz


Detective Comics, co-plotted by Clay Arceneaux and co-plotted /scripted by
Cliff Arceneaux, my younger brother.

The above titles will all have an Oct. yr.. 1 cover date.

In other title related news, Barry Reese has agreed to become our new Legion
scribe, with occasional aid from one Kell Carpenter (I.e. Kell's got a
Legion one shot idea that will probably be unrelated to what Barry's doing.)
Unfortunately, Barry is feeling a tad over committed at the moment. While he
is willing to finish his runs on JLA and Wonder Woman he is in no way
opposed to somebody, anybody, finishing out these titles. I'm taking
volunteers now.

We're still here and still growing!
(Miry) Clay Arceneaux
Editor in Chief of Faux DC

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