Posted to, on Nov. 4, 1998:

First the good news.

I'm pleased to announce some new additions to our FDC schedule.

First, Barry Reese will be leaving as writer of Wonder Woman after issue
336. Green Arrow's own Tim Hartin will be taking the title after that. That
does not mark a declining presence by Mr. Reese, as he will soon be
launching a new Huntress ongoing. Perhaps best known for his Moon Knight
series over at MV1, this character is right up his alley.

Second, our Bat-writer Steve Swartz will soon be launching a Robin limited
series. Course, if you are reading Batman, (plug, plug) you already knew

Third, Cosmic Comics is launching a second title in our FDC line. While no
firm release date has been set, be on the lookout for Ralph Angelo's
Firestorm on a website near you.

Fourth, this is the formal announcement of our eminent Titans title.
Featuring an unprecedented three co-writers, myself, Michael 'Aquaman'
Stewart, and Frankie Rodrigez, we're all very, very excited about this
project. Look for a prologue story to appear in Showcase, with the New
Titans #131 coming soon after.

And if I failed to formally mention it, Jess Nevins is working on his
unnamed Mini, set in FDC's past.

I am soliciting proposals for new series. Such titles as Martian Manhunter,
Nightwing, SHAZAM, and maybe even Swamp Thing are still open. And as always,
Showcase remains open and available. While we do have some one shots stories
planned, no ones scheduled a long arc there yet.

Now the bad news.

I've spoken with Neil off-list and he is firm in his decision for Top-Gow to
end it's plans for an upcoming JSA and Dr. Fate series. I'd still very much
like to have these books in our line. I am now accepting proposals for both
series. I will say that I'm going to be picky about the JSA book. This title
needs a writer with a pretty extensive knowledge of the DCU's past. And the
JSA are a mess right now. If you think you're up to the challenge, come on.
Neil has left a new Fate writer a wide open door.

What hasn't been mentioned is that Neil was our Direct Currents writer. I
know he's decided to stay on the list, but we may need a new one. I know
Frankie's expressed an interest, any one else?

As always, keep checking the site, as new stories are pouring in weekly now.


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