Posted to, on July 7, 1998:

Our publishing schedule is ready! The list of titles and authors for the FDC
launch are :

Adventure Comics/Legion Of Super-Heroes- Jason Brice
Aquaman- Michael Stewart
Batman/Detective Comics- Mark Bousquet
Flash- Bryan Albright
Green Arrow- Tim Hartin
Green Lantern- TJ Burns and Baloo, followed by Matt Turnage
Hawkman- TJ Burns
JLA- Barry Reese and Steve Blair
Showcase- various (Matt, Jess, Randy, and others)
Superman/Action Comics- Ralph Angelo
Wonder Woman- Barry Reese

Our start point will be "now", and Josh is cobbling together the opening
mini series, "Crisis of Destiny" as we speak. If you as a writer have
anything specific you want added or included here, e-mail Josh ASAP.


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December 18, 2016


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