Oct. 3 2005 Something wicked this way comes. And for once we're happy about it.

Jul. 10 2005 Martian invades FDC! Readers wonder if it really is easy being green.

Feb. 14, 2005 We've got a brand new series up at FDC! From the fertile imagination of David Marshall comes another original Faux DC series

Jan 28, 2005 A belated happy New Year to all. With a new year bring new changes to one of our oldest titles.

November 6, 2004 The Guardians get Territorial! And no that doesn't mean they can't get along already.

October 27, 2004 the FDC Halloween Special! Kinda self explanitory.

October 13, 2004 New Editors Annouced! Two more poor shmoes get "promoted".

October 10, 2004 Golden Age Elseworlds Fun!

October 08, 2004 Chat changes. Our chat site has shifted as lists consolidate.

September 30, 2004 Everything New is Old again. The end of the Euroguard... sort of.

September 29, 2004 So... what happened this summer? A Public Apology.

Feburary 25, 2004 And time passes... A very brief recap of the last year.

March 5, 2003 FDC RETURNS!!!! Need we say more?

December 13, 2000 Another Elseworlds mini announced! A look back at what might have been for a team based 22,300 miles above the Earth. (I just love saying that)

November 06, 2000 Another round of the writer shuffle!

August 04, 2000 New Elseworlds Mini Announced! A decidedly different look at the FDC universe through the eyes of a pair of femme fatales.

July 20, 2000 Magic finds a home at FDC!

June 30, 2000 More Golden Age News! Adventure Comics evolves.

May 26, 2000 A new look at a by gone era! A Freedom Fighter examines the world's first super team's post war action.

Apr. 10 2000 An old favorite gets a shot in the arm! Some new energy is pouring out of the old power battery!

Apr. 9, 2000 New series annoucements! Two more new titles join FDC!

Mar. 31, 2000 Lots of shuffling in the titles department! Writers leaving, new writers joining, and two mini series become full ongoings!

Jan 4, 2000 4 new series announced! A mini series staring an old favorite, an all new original series, a very misunderstood team returns, and FDC finally lands a long awaited fan favorite!

Nov 15, '99 Who's Who at FDC Opens!

Nov 8, '99 FDC Chats!!!

Oct. 3, '99 A New Team Returns! Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Sep 23, '99 A Blasts from the Past! New writers takes a new looks at old favorites. Plus a "Golden Age" teams reforms!

Aug. 25, '99 Batman Beyond comes to FDC

Jul. 29, '99   Two New Titles Announced!. Two titanic characters get their books as a result of the Cold Armageddon crossover!

Jul. 18, '99   FDC Crossover Announced!. What? You need me to explain that?

Jul. 9, '99   What happened Next. Titles changed hands, a series left, we get a new Ex. Editor and the ever popular much, much more!

Jan 12, '99
  New Titles Announced. 6 new books were added to the schedule and 2 previously claimed books became available.

Nov. 4, '98
  Some Major Announcements were made on the FDC list concerning upcoming titles.

July 28, '98
  Steve Swartz signs on as new Bat-writer and promptly kicks out 3 issues!

July 13
, '98   It begins!  The first part of Crisis of Destiny is up, as are the first four eps of WW.

July 11, '98 Have some more author profiles and some more title pages up.Mark Bousquet resigns as Bat-writer.

July 7, '98  And Faux keeps chugging along.  More title frame-works up.The Official opening roster of Titles and Authors was posted to the FDC list

July 5, '98  Posted the basic frame-work for the titles pages.

July 4, '98   Fixed some bugs and added more author profiles.

July 2, '98 Second day and we have three new members.  Things look like they're coming together nicely.   Added pictures to all the pages.

July 1, '98  The first day of the webpage!  As of now, there's 15 list members and no fanfiction yet.   An exciting time, nonetheless.

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