Oh where to start...

This site redesign is something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. In fact early planning for this began back in early 2001. So what happened? Well it's called life. Since those heady days back in 2001 so much of my life outside of fan fiction has changed. I've not just changed jobs since then, I changed careers twice. These past three years have seen the birth of my first child, and my wife quitting her job to stay home with him. My brother has moved away to go to medical school. My wife has had a myriad of health issues, ending in surgery over the summer. It's been equal mixes of joy and frustration around my corner of the world, and lot and lots of stress. There have been months at a time I simply didn't have the spare minutes it takes to keep up with this thing called Faux DC. I don't want to think I'm sitting here whining at you, or that my life's been bad of late. I wouldn't call these bad years by any stretch personally, but they have been hard ones.

And I wasn't alone. Poll most of our stable of writers and editors and you'll find they had some kind of personal setback, or at the very least a major change to their previous status quo. The result- Faux DC was on major life support for a while. There were even a few months when we didn't have a site period, as we lost our hosting unexpectedly and it took us some time to relocate. Not our most shining period. But we polled our merry band of madmen several times, nobody was ready to throw in the towel. Every time to a man, they wanted to try and keep this thing going. So kept going it did.

And you know the old cliché about what doesn't kill you... here we are. New site, new faces, new series, we're well on our road to recovery. As I write this Faux DC has existed for over 6 years now. If it's survived the last 3, I'll believe it will continue as long as there are guys willing to write and folks willing to read. I know I intend to do my part to insure that.

To that end, you have this shiny new site design. Navigation was always a problem with our second, most long running design, right after stuff on that starry back ground being hard to read. Well both those problems have been fixed in this new design. the flyout menu can take you from section to section, title to title, with issue list boxes helping you move from story to story inside any given book. And as spiffy as this is, you're only looking at phase one. We've got some more things planned for Faux DC as time goes by, so keep watching.

And before anyone gives me too much credit, much of this site's new look is due to the efforts of Mike Hintze's very patient and knowledgeable wife Simia. Simia designed the templates, logos, and menus around which this new site was constructed. Her help in this has been invaluable, so this is my very public thank you.

Unfortunately, not every title made the crossover to this new site. For a variety of reasons 3 books have been pulled from the site and from Faux DC continuity, all with the writers' consent. Captain Comet, Legends of Aquaman, and Power of SHAZAM are no longer with us, so pretend you never saw them. Actually, we've got the existing issues saved in a "discontinued titles" section for those of you who were fans of the series and would like a chance to download those stories. We'll keep them online for the next 3 months. Unfortunately, Doc' Aquaman issues were lost to cyberspace, which was a big part of the reason behind the books dissolution.

But that means those characters are again blank slates here at Faux DC, rip for some enterprising individual to put their spin on them. On that note, we've got a number of titles either wide open, or coming wide open very soon. We're always looking for new blood here at Faux DC, so hop on over to our open titles listing and check those out.

Well gosh, ain't I all angst and long wind tonight. You'd think I hired Claremont to write my dialogue. The point of all this was actually made a couple paragraphs ago. Faux DC is not dead. Came close, but it didn't happen. We're still here, we're still writing the best DC based fan fiction you're going to find, and we have no intention of stopping.

Now quit staring the yammerings of a 30 something fat-boy with delusions of importance and go read something!

"Miry" Clay Arceneaux
Editor in Chief of Faux DC




The DC Universe of characters, which includes 90% of all the ones written about on this site, their images and logos are all legally copyrighted to DC Comics and it's parent company of Time/Warner. We make absolutely no claim that they belong to us. We're just a bunch of fans with over active imaginations and a love of writing.