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The Guardians of FDC

Who are the "Guardians"? Well any longtime DC fan will tell you they're the little blue men who tried to maintain order in the universe, and bossed the Green Lantern Corps around. It's also the name given to the quintet of editors here at Faux DC. The parrallels are obvious I should think. Except for the blue part.

The Guardians of Faux DC are:

Clay Arceneaux- Editor in Chief, Webmaster, and Group Editor over the Bat-family and Vertigo titles.

Ralph Angelo Jr.- Editor in Chief, Group Editor over the Superman-family and Future timline of titles.

Dale Glaser- Group Editor over the Elseworlds and all the titles that don't fit neatly into any other stated grouping.

Mike Hintze- Group Editor over the JLA related titles.

Dave Marshall- Group Editor over the JSA related and Golden Age titles.

These guys are charged with maintaining, recruiting, and overseeing everything that goes on on this site. Got a question? Ask them. Want to join up? See the link above and then ask them. Got a complaint? Talk to Ralph.

We get asked a lot for visuals of our characters. So take a look at some of the original characters and designs for the FDC universe done in the ever popular animated style!

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The Votes are in! The votes have been counted in our first ever Faux DC fan awards! Curious to see if your favorite FDC writer and series came away a winner?

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In the Begining...

Reflections on a Hostile Universe

The DC Universe of characters, which includes 90% of all the ones written about on this site, their images and logos are all legally copyrighted to DC Comics and it's parent company of Time/Warner. We make absolutely no claim that they belong to us. We're just a bunch of fans with over active imaginations and a love of writing.