Here are the winners.
Not all ballots had votes in all categories. Some ballots were e- mailed directly to me on the first day, others came after Clay set up the ballot via the site.

Here are the results:

1. FDC title of the year:
Bad Blood, 8 votes WINNER
Adventure Comics, 7 votes
Green Lantern, 6 votes
Crisis of Destiny, 5 votes
JSA, 4 votes
Brave and Bold, 2 votes

2. FDC writer of the year:
Dale Glaser, 14 votes, WINNER
Ralph Angelo, 6 votes
Doc, 4 votes
Gary Dreslinski, 4 votes
Jess Nevins, 2 votes

3. FDC storyline of the year
Crisis of Destiny, 12 votes, WINNER
Cold Armageddon, 6 votes
Brave and Bold, 3 votes
Euroguard issues 1-3, 3 votes
JSA issues 1-5, 3 votes
Rebirth of Braniac, 2 votes
Sentinel issues 1-5, 1 vote

4. FDC character (hero) of the year, as written by (writer)
Green Lantern as written by Dale Glaser and TJ Burns, 8 votes, WINNER
Dr. Mid-Nite as written by Doc, 7 votes
Superman as written by Ralph Angelo, 5 votes
Hawkman as written by TJ Burns, 3 votes
Sentinel/Alan Scott as written by Dave Marshall, 3 votes
Wildcat as written by Chuck Burke, 3 votes
Supergirl as written by Gary Dreslinski, 2 votes

5. FDC newcomer of the year
Dale Glaser, 18 votes, WINNER
Chuck Burke, 9 votes
Dave Marshall, 3 votes
Will Short, 1 vote

6. Best FDC new title
Bad Blood, 20 votes, WINNER
Wildcat, 11 votes

7. Most improved FDC title
Green Lantern, 10 votes, WINNER
Justice League of America, 5 votes
Batman, 4 votes
Flash, 4 votes
Sentinel, 4 votes
Freedom Fighters, 2 votes
Wonder Woman, 2 votes

8. Most improved FDC writer
TJ Burns, 8 votes, WINNER
Bobby Danner, 6 votes
Barry Reese, 4 votes
Chuck Burke, 4 votes
Clay Arceneaux, 4 votes
Ralph Angelo, 3 votes

9. Most memorable moment in a FDC story
Superman # 15 cliffhanger, 8 votes, WINNER
Braniac saves the earth from Mongul, 5 votes
Alan Scott takes back the name of Green Lantern, 4 votes
JSA activates Higher Authority with Dinah Lance voice, 3 votes
Supergirl vs. Satan Girl, 3 votes
Crusaders # 9, the ending, 1 vote
Return of Huntress in Crisis of Destiny, 1 vote

This concludes the FDC awards for 2000. Thanks to all who participated, and a special thank you to "Doc" Doc for handling this project for your overworked editorial staff.


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