Many people have asked what various unique characters in FDC look like. Unfortunately, my artistic skills only go so far, but I have been fairly successful at modifying existing images, and since there a lot of DCU images floating around out there in the "Animated Style", let's pretend that there was actually:

This way I can show you, best I can, what these character's would look like.

An original character from Ralph's Superman series, Gold'n has become Superman's protégée.


Also one of Ralph's creations, here's the malevolent Hybrid. This monster was one of those famous ill-fated Cadmus projects to create a creature that mixed Superman's DNA with Doomsday's. Those wacky scientists, when will they ever learn.

In a recent Flash adventure, Wally needed the aid of a special suit constructed of mystic circuitry to help him access his speed powers. As the circuitry accessed the "Speed Force", it would glow red. (which this suit will when you place you mouse over it) What became of this suit once the Wally's powers were restored remains unknown.


This is how Bat-Writer Clay Arceneaux envisions Batman's costume. Note the belt, which is a combination of pouches and "capsules" to provide for a greater range of available Bat-tools.


Though short lived in use, Clay designed this "Space Armor" for the Batman to use in those invariable deep space missions the JLA always go on. It was featured in Cold Armageddon. Unfortunately for Clay, incoming JLA writer Dale Glaser had different plans, and welded it to the floor.

Since this an FDC original series featuring all new characters, this is one of your first real looks at the heroes of Bad Blood













The Nightwing of the future is currently appearing in Batman: Beyond.

Once called Deathwing, this evil plotter recently returned to plague the Titans as an agent of Brother Blood and has assumed the name Bloodwing. His full story can be found in Showcase # 9.



The less said about this "series" the better. But here are two of it's prominent characters...


Miry Paycheck

Mike Hinzt's JSA series features two prominent characters unique to Faux DC's version of the fabled team.

Dr. Fate
of Armaghedo


Rick Tyler:


Ollie got a makeover in his book and that new look can be seen here.


Miry Clay has updated many of the Titans looks. Here's a pair of them we can show you without spoiling too much...












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