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Titans Tower, The Monitor Room

“I hate monitor duty,” Aquagirl sighed. “Especially late at night.”

Changeling’s feet were propped up on the computer console as he leaned back in his chair. “But it does have its advantages!”

“Name one,” Aquagirl replied.

Changeling beamed. “You get to spend quality time with a real A-list hero like me!”

Aquagirl rolled her eyes. “Like winning a two dollar lottery ticket.”

“Show some respect!” Changeling protested, setting his chair back onto all four legs. “Not only am I strikingly handsome with a winning personality but I’m the only Titan that can do this!” He morphed into a cute Panda bear. “I’m still working on the manga eyes though.”

Aquagirl shook her head and looked away. “Not buying the cute act.”

“It could be worse!” Changeling argued as he regained human form. “You could be stuck up here with Vic! He’s about as much as fun a Brazilian bikini wax! Not that I’ve ever… you know.”

Aquagirl buried her face in her hands. “Only two more hours. Only two more hours.”

The Teen Titans shared Titans Tower with the senior team since arriving on the new Earth. One of Donna Troy’s conditions for allowing the younger team to stay at the Tower was sharing monitor duty. Aquagirl loathed the endless hours of painfully boring inactivity but looked forward to picking the brains of the senior members. This was her first time sharing the duty with Changeling. If there was a God in heaven it would also be her last.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I hotwired my iPod into Vic while he was asleep?” Changeling asked.

“I’m not sure I want…”

“It was a riot!” Changeling guffawed, slapping his knees. “Snuck some buds in his ears and turned the volume to eleventy-hundred! Nearly stopped his cybernetic heart!”

Aquagirl couldn’t imagine anyone being so glib with Cyborg. He was thoughtful, intelligent, and possessed a calm, no-nonsense demeanor. In short he was everything Changeling was not. “What did he do?”

Changeling shrugged his shoulders. “Took a swing at me but it’s hard to hit a little green gnat! You should have seen him flailing away after me, swatting at the air! Of course he got me back a few days later by replacing all my uniforms with skirts!”

Aquagirl couldn’t imagine Cyborg playing such a prank. “That doesn’t sound like Victor at all.”

Changeling smiled. “You just don’t know Vic. He’s not always had a stick shoved up his…”

The monitor flickered to life with a beep and interrupted Changeling’s tale. A young boy appeared on the screen. He wore a blue t-shirt and a white ball cap with electrodes sticking out of it. “Garfield! You are needed!”

“What the…” Changeling exclaimed. “Who the heck are you, kid and what’s with the dorky getup?”

“Garfield?” Aquagirl giggled. “Like the cartoon cat?”

“Or the dead president,” Changeling replied. He turned his attention back to the screen. “Who are you kid and how do you know me?”

The screen went dark and a moment later the young man materialized before the two Titans in the monitor room.

Following protocol for intruder alerts, Changeling sounded the general alarm. Emergency strobe lighting flickered throughout the Tower while sirens pierced the silence.

Not one to wait, Aquagirl rushed toward the intruder but the boy waved his hands and froze her where she stood. “I’m not sure who you are young lady but there’s no time for the usual superhero dust-up. I require Garfield’s assistance!”

Aquagirl struggled against the intruder’s stasis beam. It was incredibly effective, allowing her senses and involuntary functions to operate normally but she couldn’t move a muscle otherwise. She decided the best course of action, and really the only thing she could do, was to watch carefully and conserve her energy in case she broke free.

Changeling tossed a thumb over his shoulder in Aquagirl’s direction. “You have a funny way of asking for help, pal!”

“I apologize I was forced to incapacitate your teammate,” the boy replied. “I assure you she is unharmed but time is short. I need you to listen to what I have to say. It involves the Doom Patrol!”

The mention of the Doom Patrol froze Changeling in his tracks. “Two things before I hear you out…” Changeling said.

The boy nodded. “Go on.”

“Release my friend and tell me who the hell you are!” Changeling continued.

With a motion of the boy’s right hand, the stasis field dissipated and Aquagirl fell to the floor.

Changeling helped her to her feet. “Are you hurt, Lorena?”

Aquagirl shook her head. “Nothing wounded but my pride. It’s been a while since I was trashed by a ten-year old.”

“I’m twelve!” the boy shot back.

“For the last time kid, tell us who you are!” Changeling shouted.

“I’m Steve,” the boy answered as though the revelation should clear up the confusion.

Changeling shook his head. “Sorry kid. I’ve known a few Steves in my day but your face doesn’t ring a bell.”

“You’re my son,” the boy replied.

“How does that work?” Aquagirl asked.

“My stepson actually,” the boy replied. “I’m Steve Dayton!”

Changeling transformed into a green chimpanzee. “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”

FDC Presents Teen Titans
"Certain Doom"
Part One

By David Marshall

Twenty minutes later the Teen Titans assembled in the meeting room upstairs along with their mentor Arsenal and Changeling who was the only other senior member on duty that weekend.

“And you claim to be Steve Dayton?” Arsenal asked.

“I am Steve Dayton, Mr. Harper” the boy replied with a nod. “Every moment we waste with this nonsensical question and answer salvo only endangers the world! We must act now!”

Changeling shrugged. “Kid’s pushy enough to be Dayton!”

“How can you be Steve Dayton?” Blue Beetle asked. “He’s a middle-aged man and you’re just a kid.”

“And Dayton has more money than God,” Changeling replied. “He wouldn’t be caught dead in that t-shirt and last year’s skinny jeans.”

“I am not wealthy, Garfield,” the boy answered. “You believe that only because I wish you to do so.”

Changeling threw his arms in the air. “You’re all riddles kid but when you do give a straight answer you spoil the only good thing Dayton had going for him.”

“I don’t have time for your childish games, Logan! Cliff, Rita, and Larry need you!” the boy shot back.

Changeling’s impish features gave way to a serious pallor. “Look kid, maybe you’re the real deal and maybe not. I’ve seen crazier things when the Patrol is involved but if they’re in trouble you’d better start giving us some answers! How can you be Steve Dayton?”

“It’s the Mento helmet,” the boy replied, pointing to his strange hat.

“Ah nuts!” Changeling spat. “That lid’s crazier than the Mad Hatter’s closet! If it’s involved there’s trouble for sure! Go on, I’m listening.”

The boy sighed. “I am Steve Dayton. What you see before you is my true form.”

“You used the Mento helmet to fool everyone into thinking you’re an adult?” Arsenal asked. “Even if that’s true, the Doom Patrol was around before many of today’s seasoned heroes appeared on the scene. You’d be much older than twelve.”

The boy nodded and added with an oddly proud grin. “The real trick wasn’t making the world believe I was an adult but fooling everyone into believing there was ever a real Doom Patrol in the first place!”

“What?” Changeling shouted. “You have some nerve kid! Show some respect!”

The boy shimmered into nothingness and the more familiar adult Steve Dayton appeared wearing his blue Mento uniform. “Me show respect? You have respect, Logan! If it wasn’t for me…”

“Rita would still be alive!” Changeling shouted back.

Mento backhanded Changeling across the face. “Fool! Don’t you understand? She never was alive! None of them were! I am the Doom Patrol!”

Changeling morphed into a boa constrictor and wrapped Mento in his emerald coils. “I’ll give you that blow but not another! Don’t make me hurt you kid!”

“That’s enough, Gar!” Arsenal shouted. “Release him!”

“Or what “Speedy?” Changeling asked. “You’ll put an arrow through me?”

“Let me explain,” Mento grunted through clinched teeth. “I owe you that much.”

“The man, or whatever he is, has a point,” said Blue Beetle. “He’s made some wild claims. We should give him an opportunity to back them up especially since he claims the world is in danger if we fail to act!”

Changeling released Mento. “Fine, you have one minute and it had better be good!”

Mento collapsed to the floor to catch his breath then finally rose to his feet. “What I said before was true. The Doom Patrol never existed in any incarnation. Every one of them Rita, Larry, Cliff, the Chief, even newer members like Arani, Joshua, and Dorothy existed only because I dreamed them up and the Mento helmet gave them substance!”

Changeling shook his head. “No, you’re lying!”

Mento dropped his head. “I wish every word of it was a lie Logan, even more so than you.”

“Can’t you see he’s lying?” Changeling begged his teammates. “Dayton’s always been a charlatan and manipulator! It’s what he does best!”

“But there are news clips and interviews,” Traci 13 countered. “The Doom Patrol’s exploits are a matter of historical record.”

“So they are,” Mento replied. “All sensory evidence points to a group of adventurers known as the Doom Patrol who died saving the fishing village of Codsville, Maine. They’ve been resurrected and wiped from the historical record again and again. However it was the helmet projecting their so-called exploits into the past. None of it was real.”

“Some of our mentors worked side by side with the Doom Patrol,” said Miss Martian.

“Including me!” Changeling insisted.

“It was the…” said Mento.

“Yeah, yeah, laughing boy. We heard you the first time! It was your ridiculous fashion accessory,” Changeling interrupted. “It’s one thing to fool everyone else but I went home with the Doom Patrol every night! They were my family, even you Dayton.”

Mento sighed. “You were indeed problematic, Garfield. My creations never suspected their true origins. I was as surprised as anyone when they displayed autonomy and made lives of their own - even the villains. Rita wanted a child so we adopted you.”

“Wait a minute,” said Static. “If Elasti-Girl was a figment of your imagination come to life isn’t it weird that you had a relationship with her? That’s kind of, I don’t know, Star Trek holodeck dude!”

“You perverted… How could you do that to Rita?” Changeling hissed. He changed into a rhino and charged Mento.

Mento quickly zapped the stampeding Changeling into stasis to protect himself. “I’m a twelve year-old kid! What do you expect? One of my creations was my dream girl!”

Rose Wilson drew her sword. “Release Gar or I’ll forget you’re a kid.”

“This is getting us nowhere,” spat a clearly exasperated Mento. “The world is in danger and I came here looking for help not to debate or fight you.”

“And if the world’s truly in danger you’ll get help,” Arsenal shot back. “But attacking one of our members and putting him in some sort of stasis is hardly any way to…”

“Two of our members,” Aquagirl added. “He did it to me too.”

Rose pounced with the speed of a cheetah and kicked Mento across the room. He crashed into a wall and slumped to the floor. When he looked up, the tip of her sword was at his neck. “You’re going to give us answers, real answers, and you’re going to forgo the cloak and dagger act this time. We’re not the Scooby gang to appreciate a good mystery. Do I make myself clear?”

Mento’s wild gaze never left Rose’s blade as he shrunk from it. “As crystal, young lady. How may I enlighten you?”

Rose scraped the tip end of her blade against Mento’s throat and brought a trickle of blood to the surface. “If the world is in danger, you need to release Gar from stasis as the man asked and tell us what we can do to help. If it doesn’t happen in that exact order, the Doom Patrol will add one more casualty to its already-swollen ranks of the dead.”

Mento released Gar and his rhino form crashed into the wall behind where Mento once stood. He morphed back to his human form.

Rose sheathed her sword. “That’s more like it! You were saying…”

“It’s the Brotherhood of Evil,” Mento explained as he stood. “The Brain is collecting three mystical talismans which when combined will grant him god-like control of the time-space continuum. With it, he can warp the very fabric of reality itself! He must be stopped!”

“Unlike the Mento helmet that gives you the power to warp the very fabric of reality itself,” Changeling huffed.

“And the time-space continuum too apparently,” Static added.

“Could be a way home to our Earth,” said Rose.

Blue Beetle nodded. “Possibly, but our own problems must take a backseat to the planet’s safety.”

Changeling butted Blue Beetle aside. “Sorry Jaime but this one is a Doom Patrol problem which means I’m taking point. If you want to be on the team, your assistance is welcome. If not, I understand.”

Even through her mask it was obvious Rose was surprised. “You’re taking point? Come on Casesar Salad, get real! Since when does anyone listen to you?”

“You should,” said Arsenal. “Every one of you.” He placed a hand on Changeling’s left shoulder. “Gar clowns around a lot but I would follow him to the gates of hell and back and trust him with my life if necessary. I suggest you the rest of you show him the same respect or you’ll have to deal with me. Questions?”

Aquagirl wasn’t sure which was more surprising, Changeling’s serious demeanor or Arsenal’s glowing endorsement of his longtime teammate. Perhaps there was more to Garfield Logan than she realized. “I’m in if you’ll have me on your team, Gar.”

Changeling nodded with a boyish grin. “It would be an honor Lorena. Thank you for stepping up. That’s three counting me and the boy who never grew up! Anyone else?”

Rose shrugged her shoulders. “Sounds like there may be a fight so you know I’m in, but I’m still going to insult you every chance I get.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Cyclops,” Changeling replied.

“We’re Titans,” said Static. “We stick together. If one of us is in, we’re all in.”

“Your mutual admiration society is wasting precious time!” Mento barked. “We must leave now!”

“I’ll remain behind on monitor duty and to file a report for the others,” said Arsenal.

“To the T-Jet!” said Miss Martian. The Titans rushed toward the hangar.

Mento shook his head. “You can’t get where we’re headed via technology. The road to saving the world lies outside your tower!”

With a wave of Mento’s right hand the Titans were outside but the landscape was unfamiliar.

“What the hell?” Rose Wilson asked.

Aquagirl was inclined to agree. Titans Tower was suddenly located at the end of a city street that possessed a quaint charm rarely seen outside the Old Town section of Opal City. Neat rows of avant-garde businesses lined each side of the worn pavement. Neon signs lit up the dark city streets and trumpeted an eclectic mixture of hyper-masculine storefronts such as an Army-Navy surplus store, a gun shop, a hardware store, and several apartment buildings. There was also a lingerie shop, a piece goods store, and a cabaret. The masculine-themed stores were draped in colored lights and frilly curtains, many with very feminine interiors. A large banner hung suspended between the first two buildings on the street corner. It read, “Bona to Vada, Titans!”

“Where did this street come from?” Blue Beetle asked.

Mento extended his hand toward the street. “Titans, meet Danny the Street!”

“A street?” Changeling asked. “How did it get here?”

“Danny doesn’t like to be called an “it,” Mento explained. “He takes it personally on two levels. For one, he is a sentient being. Secondly, his gender identity issues leave him especially sensitive to such remarks.”

“The street is alive?” Traci asked her right eyebrow arching in disbelief. “No offense, Danny.”

Gray smoke rose from the chimney of an apartment building and filled the velvety skies with the words, “No offense taken, Titans. It isn’t every day one meets a street.”

Traci closed her eyes and extended her hands before her.

“Traci?” Blue Bettle asked. “What do you feel?”

Traci shook her head. “Danny is indeed a living soul. No trickery involved here.”

Miss Martian touched her fingertips to her forehead. “I concur. I can feel his thought patterns. Don’t worry Danny. I didn’t intrude on your privacy.”

“Thank you,” said Danny, spelling out the words on a display window.

“Amazing,” Blue Beetle whispered.

Mento took the first step onto Danny’s pavement, eschewing the sidewalk. “Danny travels wherever he wishes almost instantaneously and can blend into most any city landscape with but a thought. Like you Logan, he is another Doom Patrol associate I did not create with the Mento helmet. I can assure you his mode of transportation is safe. Follow me.”

The Titans were unsure. Even Rose seemed reluctant to rush into action.

“Come Titans,” Mento ordered. “Time is short. There is no danger here.”

“Said the spider to the fly,” Aquagirl added.

Changeling was the first Titan to trust the pavement. “The yellow brick road it’s not but it seems solid.”

Steam shot up through a nearby manhole cover and spelled out, “Nor do you wear ruby slippers but I think we can still be friends.”

“Touche,” said Changeling. “The first person that tells Vic I’m talking to a street will get it.”

The Titans overcame their reluctance and followed Mento.

Aquagirl couldn’t help but stare. Danny was a Victorian mecca, a psychedelic wasteland, and Mayberry rolled into one. She was most surprised when an elderly Korean man with a single, visible tooth stepped out from behind a dumpster and waved at them as they passed by.

“People live here?”

A sign on the hardware store announcing a sale on chainsaws rearranged its letters and read, “But of course, Aquagirl. A street with no residents is like unto an empty soul.”

“I feel tremendous power here,” said Traci.

“I thought you said it wasn’t hocus pocus?” Blue Beetle asked.

Traci shook her head. “I said I sensed no trickery but the power in this landscape is overwhelming! There is more raw urban power present here than in all of New York!”

“Heavy,” Static added.

Changeling caught up to his stepfather. “Hey Mento, wouldn’t it be faster if you teleported us there with the helmet?”

Mento nodded. “It would but it would drain my power to teleport so many across the divide.”

“The divide?” Changeling asked.

“Where we’re headed is outside space and time,” Mento replied.

Changeling rolled his eyes. “Ah nuts! I thought inter-dimensional joyrides were Raven’s calling card.”

The Titans reached the end of the street and found themselves on a curb with an empty field beyond.

“What now?” Miss Martian asked.

“We’ve arrived,” said Mento.

“Are you off your rocker kid?” Static asked. “There’s nothing as far as the eye can see.”

“Until you leave the street,” Mento replied. He stepped off the curb and disappeared.

“Jaime? Gar? What do we do?” Traci asked.

Blue Beetle diverted attention to Changeling. “Gar?”

“We follow the nutty helmet,” Changeling replied. He stepped off the curb and vanished.

“I know I’m going to regret this,” said Blue Beetle. He too took a step and was gone.

Aquagirl followed her teammates and for a moment everything went dark. Then a swirling light appeared that reminded her of looking up from beneath the ocean toward the light playing on its surface as the water scattered the rays of sunshine like a liquid kaleidoscope.

A moment later the Titans found themselves standing in a deep crater with an unfamiliar canopy of stars overhead. Two moons lit the night sky.

“Where the hell are we?” Static asked.

“Space Mountain,” Changeling replied. “Minus the fun and the vacationing babes.”

Mento pointed to the rim of the crater above. “The enemy has arrived.”

Almost as if on cue a mighty army unlike anything Aquagirl had ever seen appeared on the crater’s rim,. They were obviously assembled from across time itself. Romans and Spartans marched alongside Confederate and Union soldiers. Nazis in jackboots stood side-by-side with American, British, and Russian troops of the Second World War. Neanderthal tribes held position next to futuristic-looking forces. Native American tribes in war paint readied their spears and bows next to the Bana-Mighdall of Amazon lore. The Titans were surrounded on all sides and took in the awesome sight of such an assemblage and then their opposition’s general rode to the front in a Roman chariot and took position with a scepter raised high.

“You will fall to your knees and surrender or you will die!” General Immortus barked through a megaphone.

Mento shook and angry fist at the Doom Patrol’s oldest villain and barked his reply. “Never, Immortus! I would choose death before surrendering to the likes of you!”

Immortus flashed a craggy, maniacal smile. “I hoped such would be your reply, Dayton!” He pointed his scepter toward the outnumbered Titans. “Attack, my great warriors! Battlefield promotions for anyone who brings me the head of a Titan!”

The great army wasted little time attacking the Titans. Whether on foot, horseback, or even some futuristic mode of transportation, they descended into the crater with the sound of thunder.

“Heads up, Titans!” Blue Beetle yelled. “Try not to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary!”

“Immortus is mine!” Changeling yelled over the approaching chaos.

There was a time when Aquagirl would have freaked out in the face of such overwhelming odds but the time away from her own Earth forced her to rely upon her own gifts and those of her teammates. When going into battle before, her thoughts were focused solely on survival but she had changed, perhaps grown. Faced with great odds, she searched the enemy’s ranks for an opening and surveyed the field of battle for strategic landmarks. Her thoughts were on how to best help her teammates.

Immortus’s troops swarmed the canyon in full force. A Spartan made a bee line for Aquagirl with his spear drawn. She smacked the weapon away and slammed her right fist into his shield. The force of the blow sent him crashing back into his charging battalion. She wished Osiris was with them. The team sorely missed his superhuman muscle. M’gann could certainly fill the role but her telepathy was too valuable an asset to put her out front leading a charge. Though her strength wasn’t in Osiris’s or M’gann’s class, it fell to Aquagirl to play the strongman.

Each Titan approached the battle in their unique manner.

Rose relished it and lit into the Nazis. A Reich soldier shot at her with a machine gun but he may as well have been floating helium balloons in her direction. She launched into a series of cartwheels and flips toward him as the spray of bullets inexplicably missed her. The assault ended with her landing in front of the startled soldier and unloading a haymaker against his jaw. He dropped to the ground. She drew her sword and raised it high over her head with both hands.

“Just disarm him, Rose!” Blue Beetle shouted over the din as he struggled with a Bana-Mighdall warrior.

“Whatever you say boss!” Rose yelled back. She spun the sword and brought it down swiftly. The blow severed the man’s right arm at the shoulder. He cried out in agony and dropped his gun which fired wildly and took out some Neanderthals nearby. He quickly rose to his knees and crawled after the severed limb but the effort was pointless with so many combatants scattered on the battlefield. The limb was lost among the sea of humanity.

Blue Beetle did not look happy. A flash explosion in the Bana warrior’s face neutralized her attack and presented an opening. A wrist-mounted air-cannon sent her flying. He shot Rose a disgusted look.

“What?” Rose asked, feigning innocence. “You said I could disarm him and that’s exactly what I did! Get it? Dis-arm?”

“We’ll discuss it later!” Blue Beetle shot back.

Static saved his best work for a battalion of Panzer tanks. Raw electricity raced up and down his arms for a brief moment. Once the energy built up to a sufficient level to demolish a city block, he hurled it toward the hapless tanks. The bolt arced from one machine to another until all the heavy war machines ground to a halt before him. “Eat electricity, dudes!”

Though its navigation controls were dead one of the tanks managed to fire a shell at him.

“Watch out, Virg!” Traci 13 warned. Her powers were at their strongest in an urban area not in some devoid battlefield of the damned. Still, she fired off a magic blast that turned the shell into a dove and it flew away.

“Thanks,” said Static. “How did you find that much power here?”

“The proximity to Danny,” Traci replied. “I can’t see him here but I can feel him. There’s power here I can’t even begin to understand!”

“Definitely score one for our team,” Static replied.

A fleet of single-manned alien aircraft buzzed in and provided air support with random laser blasts. Fortunately for the Titans it was much easier to blast swaths of the General’s own troops than it was to single them out in the melee.

A ground-to-air missile blew one of the ships out of the sky.

“Score one for the little guy!” yelled Blue Beetle, brandishing a shoulder-mounted missile launcher built into his armor. Aquagirl hoped he had plenty of ammo.

“Don’t hog them all, Jaime!” said Miss Martian. She phased through the hull of one of the ships and emerged with a handful of cables. “Does anyone know what these wires control?”

The ship careened out of control and its pilot parachuted to safety seconds before the high-pitched scream from the craft’s dying engines ended in an explosion against the crater wall.

“Right off hand I’d say they had something to do with the navigation systems,” Traci chuckled.

“Ordinarily I’m all for light-hearted banter,” said Changeling but we’ll be here all day if we have to take down their ships one by one.

“Changeling is right,” said Blue Beetle. “Cover your eyes Titans! I’m about to turn on the lights!”

Though it was counter-intuitive with the battle raging around them, Aquagirl trusted her teammate and closed her eyes. Even with them clamped shut, the brilliant flash of light that erupted from Blue Beetle’s armor lit up the inside of her eyelids.

“You can open your eyes now!” said Blue Beetle.

Aquagirl opened her eyes and found the battlefield clear. “What happened to them? Did you…”

Blue Beetle shook his head. “The armor pinpointed the anomalies and teleported them to their proper time periods.”

“And now…” said Changeling, running toward a visibly shaken General Immortus.

“Stay back you freak!” warned Immortus. He drew a pistol and fired.

Changeling morphed into a butterfly and allowed the bullet to sail harmlessly past him. Static reached out with his electromagnetism and disarmed Immortus.

A moment later a verdant lion pounced upon the General and slammed him to the ground. “Where is the talisman?” Changeling demanded.

Maniacal laughter filled the thin atmosphere. “Like I would surrender it to you!”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Changeling replied. He raised a hefty paw and swiped at Immortus. The General shrieked as Logan’s claws ripped through his military uniform and into the soft flesh beneath.

“Hold on, Logan,” said Blue Beetle. He approached the fallen General and searched what was left of his military uniform. He retrieved a surprising item.

“A baby bottle?” Miss Martian asked. “That can’t be right.”

Blue Beetle shook his head. “No, it can’t. This must be a mistake. Why would Immortus assemble such a force to defend a baby bottle?”

Mento took the bottle from Blue Beetle’s hands. “But it is right. I can feel it.”

“But it doesn’t make sense,” Aquagirl argued.

Changeling morphed into a bloodhound as he raced to Mento’s side. He sniffed the bottle. “It never does when the Doom Patrol is involved. You get used to it.”

“So we’re done here?” Traci asked.

Mento nodded. “It’s time to cross the street once more.”

“I don’t see anything,” Static argued.

“That’s because you aren’t looking, “Mento countered.

With that cryptic reply, Danny appeared once more.

“Where to now?” Blue Beetle asked.

Mento’s face wrinkled as if Jaime asked a question with an obvious answer. “Why, to face Madame Rouge of course!”

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