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FDC Presents

Team Titans

Annual #1

"Misfit Toys"

By Paul Daimler




Somewhere in New York City

Donna Troy looked down at the warehouse beneath her. According to Copperhead, Molecule was in there. He’d been kidnapped by the Terror Titans several days ago, who were helping the Dark Side Club kidnap a lot of teen heroes from around the world. The rumor was that these kids were being forced to fight to the death in underground fight clubs. So far this was mostly rumor, but the Terror Titans had tried to grab Atlee, The All-New Terra, and Molecule was missing.

Molecules mother stated that he’d left for school, and when he got to the end of their driveway, he’d been attacked by the Terror Titans—quickly being hustled off in a van.

They’d been searching since. And according to Copperhead, forced to tell Donna where Molecule was when snared in the coils of her magic blue lasso, he was down there somewhere.

Unlike the Superman Family, super-hearing and vision were not among the Wonder Woman Family power set. She couldn’t just scan the building from afar and determine if Molecule was in there. She’d have to search it.

“Luckily, there is own super-power all Wonder Woman Family members share.” Donna smiled slyly to herself.

Donna Troy slammed into the roof of the warehouse with a sound like a nuclear explosion.

“WE’VE BEEN BREACHED!” The Disruptor screamed, the gloves of her pink uniform sparking instantly to life with icy blue colored energy. An alarm screamed bloody murder all around.

“I knew the first Disruptor.” Donna Troy said, standing her ground, surveying the layout of the room she’d landed in.

“He’s my father.” The Disruptor replied, sizing Donna Troy up.

“Impossible sweetie.” Donna Troy smiled.

“No. He got my mom pregnant and they thew me away! Abandoning me to the foster system.”

“I don’t know who fed you that bunk.” Donna Troy said calmly. There was no sign of any of the other so-called Terror Titans around. “But, the original Disruptor couldn’t be your father. First of all he’s my age, so he would have been like ten when you were born. And second of all, he’s gay. So, even if he was the most precocious ten year old in the world, you wouldn’t be his.”

“DON’T TRY TO CONFUSE ME!” Disruptor screamed, bolts of disruptive energy exploded from her wrist gauntlets hurtling toward Donna Troy.

“You know, not to knock the Teen Titans,” Donna said calmly, “But, they are still learning how to deal with these situations and still growing in their powers. I’ve been at this game a lot longer—“ Donna swung her right arm up and blocked the bolts of energy with her silver bracer, the energy striking it and bouncing off harmlessly “And playing bullets and bracelets for as long as I remember.”

“Oh.” Disruptor’s eyes widened, hesitating and taking a step back.

It was all the opening Donna Troy needed to ensnare Disruptor in her shimmering lasso of blue and silver.

The coils wrapped around Disruptor tightly, the cooling blue fire of it’s links causing the Disruptor to submit to Donna Troy’s will.

“Where is Molecule?” Donna Troy asked calmly.

“He’s in the basement.” The Disruptor gritted her teeth, part of her trying to fight against the lasso. She just wasn’t strong enough. Her own will was so weak and fragemented. “There are others…”

“Which others?” Donna asked quietly, keeping her grip on the lasso tight while surveying the room around her. The Terror Titans’ foot soldiers had ran off terrified, but there was still Dreadbolt and the Clock King lurking about—plus wherever the Persuader and Copperhead had disappeared to.*

*see Power Girl Annual #2

“Talon.” The Disruptor said through gritted teeth, “Riddler’s Daughter.”

“Enigma?” Donna Troy asked thoughtfully. She had aligned herself with Deathstroke’s Teen Titans East team with a hand full of other and seemed to be more a villain than hero these days. Talon was an Earth 3 version of Robin and his allegiance had always gone in whatever direction Duela Dent’s had, which was iffy at best.

“Lead me to them.” Donna Troy said firmly.

“Like I have any choice.” The Disruptor said, her voice sorrowful and broken.

“You have a choice. Life is a series of choices. Unfortunately it would seem that a series of bad choices has led you here.” Donna said as they began to move toward an elevator. Donna remained away of her surroundings, figuring that the other Terror Titans were lurking somewhere waiting to attack.

“I was found in a trash can. Left to die.” The Disruptor said.

“I was found in a burning building. Let to die.” Donna Troy said, “I was a black market baby, being held by people would were waiting to sell me to who knows who. But, I’ve turned out all right. It’s all about the choices you make.”

“You were raised by Wonder Woman and the Amazons.” The Disruptor commented. “I was raised in a series of abusive foster homes.”

“And, from the sounds of it you’re still living there.” Donna replied, “The first thing you need to do after you’re sitting in your jail cell is to figure out how to get out of those abusive foster homes in your head.”

“What would you know about it? You were given nothing but the best?”

“I was kidnapped by an enemy of Queen Hippolyta and forced to live a thousand horrible realities. None of it was real, but it felt like it. Each life was progressively worse than the previous one. Finally Wonder Woman saved me.” Donna Troy said quietly, “I could have done like you’ve done and let those horrible realities bring me down and hold me back, I could have become a super-villain and used my gifts for evil. Instead I let that go and moved on.”

“You make it sound so easy.” The Disruptor said.

“I’ll tell you what,” Donna Troy began, “When we go to the courts, I will petition them to release you into my custody. We’ll take you to Transformation Island where you can get the help you need to let go of the horrors stuck in your head.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Yes.” Donna Troy said, “You deserve every opportunity to better yourself.”

The elevator doors opened unto a vast complex full of cylinders.

“These look like Wildebeest technology…” Donna Troy whispered, remembering when the Wildebeest Society had kidnapped the New Titans a few years back when she and Terry had been on a second honeymoon in Greece—after she’d gone to New Chronus and discovered her connection to the Titans of Myth.

“It is.” The Clock King said, stepping into view. “Combined with some Apokolips tech. Very cutting edge.”

Beside him stood Dreadbolt, who had lightning dancing from his fingers.

“Very.” Donna Troy replied. Clock King had some sort of power that allowed him to see several seconds into the future, which made him a difficult adversary.

“I have heard much about you Ms. Troy.” The Clock King smiled, “You know how my powers work. And, I can keep getting different images of possible actions you take… interesting… your mind is running scenarios and I’m getting each and every one of them. How is that possible?”

“Just a gift from the Titans of Myth.” Donna Troy smiled, “I can project memories and thoughts.”

The Clock King frowned, “Oh… who’s that clown? I thought Duela Dent was dead.” Then he was gone.

“Not again!” Donna Troy said, releasing her hold on the Disruptor, leaping toward where Clock King had been only minutes before.

In her haste Donna Troy let her guard down, Dreadbolt fired several bolts—getting a lucky shot and knocking Donna Troy off her feet. She crashed to the floor, unconscious.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” The Disruptor screamed.

“I’m protecting us from her…” Dreadbolt said, “She’s going to defeat the Clock King and then we have nothing.”

The Disruptor looked at Donna Troy’s prone form on the ground.

“She was going to help me.” The Disruptor said quietly, as the coils of Donna Troy’s lasso unspooled around her. “She was going to help me.”

“The Clock King is going to help us. Boss Dark Side is going to help us.” Dreadbolt scoffed, hunching over Donna Troy who was still unconscious.

“She was going to help me.” The Disrupter whispered, her emotions raging as the silvery blue lasso glowed around her feet.

Dreadbolt turned to say something, only to find a crackle of energy from Disruptor tear through him, knocking the wind out of him and sending him sprawling to the floor unconscious.

She rushed over to Donna Troy, shaking the Titan awake.

“Ms. Troy?” Disruptor asked.

“I can’t believe I let that one get by me.” Donna Troy said, slowly standing. She looked down at Dreadbolt then to Disruptor, “What happened?”

“He…” Disruptor hesitated. “He was going to hurt you I think. And, I couldn’t let him. You’re going to help me be a better person. On Transformation Island.”

Donna smiled at the girl, walking over to her lasso and scooping it up.

“You’ve got that right, honey. We’re going to help you find the real you and help you find happiness.” Donna said, “Let’s get Molecule and the others and then we’ll get out of here.”

Disrupter went over to the containment cells and started typing in the sequence to release the prisoners within.

Donna called in on her communicator, “I found Molecule and the others, Vic. Something weird happened… Clock King disappeared just like Terra, Power Boy, Copperhead, and the Persuader. Something very odd is going down.”

“I have a team here tracking the residual energy. Apparently the energy signature patterns are unrecognized… and not of this Universe.”

“Awesome.” Donna sighed, “Multiverse issues are always the worst.”

“Where am I?” Molecule asked, coming out of the containment vessel.

He yawned, running a hand through the blonde hair poking out of his cowl. His costume appeared to be patterned after the Atom. He’d shown up during the year after the so-called Infinite Crisis and joined the Titans. Donna had not known much about him, as she’d been busy mourning the temporary loss of Paradise Island and Diana, while assuming the mantle of Wonder Woman. She didn’t even know if he was a protégé of the Atom like Ryan Choi, or if he was another alternate reality hero—one among many who had popped up on their Earth after the Infinite Crisis.

“The so-called Terror Titans kidnapped you for something called the Dark Side Club.” Donna Troy said, going to the containment cells where the Disruptor was releasing Riddler’s Daughter and Talon.

“You guys OK?” Donna asked the Riddler’s Daughter.

“I guess.” The blonde girl shrugged, “The last thing I remember is a bunch of jerks jumping me.”

“Me, too.” Talon said, “Where’s Duela?”

“Duela….” Donna Troy hesitated. Had Talon been in this containment cell so long that he’d missed that Duela Dent had been murdered by a Monitor from another dimension?.

“What?” Talon asked, suspiciously.

“Oh, Talon… I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you… but Duela was murdered by a mad Monitor from another dimension… The funeral was a couple weeks back…” Donna said, feeling tears welling up. Duela had been her friend, and throughout all of her bouts of mental illness, Donna had been there for her the best she could.

“NO! I can’t believe that! It’s impossible! How can I—‘ Before Talon could finish the thought, he, Riddler’s Daughter, Disruptor, and Dreadbolt all disappeared.

“GREAT RHEA!” Donna exclaiming, trying to grab Talon before he faded. Her hand went through air where he had been only moments before.

“Where’d they go?” Molecule asked, looking around.

“I don’t know.” Donna Troy said, then went to call Victor back on the communicator. Before the call was even complete, Molecule had disappeared as well.

Metropolis, USA

Jack B. Nimball was bored with the action figures in his hands. The Power Boy, All-New Terra, Persuader, and Copperhead action figures had quickly lost his interest. Tossing them aside, he made a beeline straight for the rest of the “Terror Titans” figures, seizing Clock King first.

He ripped the package open, examining the figure closely. Removing the glasses and putting them back on, he turned it around in his hands several times.

“Boring!” He pronounced, tossing the figure over his shoulder where it landed separate from the other figures, in a pile all it’s own.

Moving to the Dreadbolt figure, he examined it ripping it open. He followed this with the Riddler’s Daughter, Talon, and the Disruptor. He played with all of them for several moments, before tossing them aside. These all landed in the same pile as the Clock King action figure did—separate from the growing pile all the other figures had landed in.

Reaching for the Molecule figure, the former Toyman ripped it open, playing with it enthusiastically for several moments.

The battle was over, standing in front of Titans Tower, Duela Dent found herself gazing wistfully up at it. Inside the Tower, the Titans were hosting a party. It had gotten lively and raucous, as these things always did. Something about saving the Universe made people want to party and made them probably drink too much or say too much or go over aboard. Duela had reached a point where it was too much. They seemed to remember her right now, not perfectly, since the Time Trapper’s manipulations of time and people’s memories when it concerned her were in effect. But, at one point Donna Troy had looked at her and said quizzically, “Why do I remember you and I going to a sorority party at some point between the first group of Titans breaking up and the New Teen Titans forming?”

“Because the Universe is still settling in from the after-effects Wondie.” Duela had smiled, “Some of our shared history is almost visible. In a few hours, it will be gone again thanks to the Time Trapper.”

“Dark Angel tried to erase me from history…” Donna had said. “We stopped her and now all memories of me are back in place.”

Duela smiled sadly, “Dark Angel is far less powerful than the Time Trapper. Apples and oranges I’m afraid.”

She had quickly removed herself from the conversation, going toward where Roy Harper and Garth were laughing over some old adventure. But, Duela had never cared much for Roy Harper and he’d never cared much for her. Looking around the party, a small knife had twisted in her heart as she realized all of these assembled people were her friend, they just didn’t remember her and probably never would.

It had become a little more than she felt like dealing with, and she’d left the Tower, seeking the solace of the small beach beneath the Tower’s shadows.

“If only I could stay in this world…” Duela said, her voice conflicted. This world was her original home, not the Pocket Universe she’d created with the Gauntlet of Amethyst. But, there she was safely protected from the Time Trapper.

“Why are you out here?”

Duela turned toward Misfit, standing looking confused.

“I just needed to get some fresh air. These ‘we just saved the Universe’ parties get tedious sometimes.” Duela said softly.

“You aren’t making jokes.” Misfit said, tugging at her cape self-consciously. “You seem serious for a change. And a little sad.”

Duela smiled softly, “I don’t always quip. Sometimes I am serious. Not often enough, perhaps. Right now I don’t feel like acting like crazy Duela.”

“It must get hard.” Misfit said. “Always putting on the act.”

Duela chuckled, “It’s not an act. I do crack jokes and make the funnies. It’s part of who I am. It’s just not all of who I am. Of course, when I’m on this world I am sometimes a little crazy. Lingering effects of the Time Trapper’s curse.”

“What do you mean this world?” Misfit asked.

“I currently live in a Pocket Universe. One I created with this.” Duela removed the Gauntlet of Amethyst from her side-pack. “There I’m safe from the Time Trapper. And, it’s a kinder, gentler world. Far less murders and instances where I really have to save the world. I mean, don’t get me wrong, our villains there do try to destroy the world or take it over, but they always fully explain their plans when they capture you, and you can always stop them. It’s what the world should be like.”

“Sounds heavenly.” Misfit said, “In my world heroes die all the time. On a mission with the Birds of Prey I caused an explosion that destroyed a huge block of Metropolis and killed many people. It wasn’t entirely my fault, but I wasn’t entirely blameless.”

Duela smiled, “That’s what these serious Universes do. There are situations ‘beyond your control’ where you have to make those kind of decisions. My world… never gets that heavy.”

“When are you going back?” Misfit asked.

“Pretty soon.” Duela said, “It just makes me sad being in this world too long.”

“Can I go?” Misfit asked suddenly.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea, Charlie. I mean, what if they find a way to send you back to your Universe?” Duela said.

“They won’t.” Misfit said, shaking her head. “I know they’re trying to, but the way it ended...just makes me think that if there was a way to try to reach my Universe again it could destroy both Universes.”

“You’re probably right.” Duela said, “The Universe you come from is far more grim than even this one. Heroes dying all the time in the name of ‘keeping it real’. Being a Titan there is the same as having a target on your back…”

“What are you talking about?” Misfit said, confused.

Turning toward the readers, Duela smiled, shaking her head, “You guys know what I’m talking about. When is the last time there was a major cross-over where at least two or three Titans or former Titans didn’t die?”

“What are you talking about?” Misfit asked, confused.

“Nothing.” She smiled, “You can come back to my world with me. It’s cool. You can live at the Titans Tower of my Pocket Universe. We have plenty of room.”

“Awesome.” Misfit smiled.

“I suppose we should go back into the party and say some goodbyes… If they even remember me anymore.” Duela said quietly.

Nearly an hour later, Misfit and Duela stood on the beach again.

“You ready?” Duela asked.

“I’m ready.” Misfit said, taking a deep breath, and wondering if she was crazy for doing this. She’d already been shifted to this Universe from her own, and now she was going to some Pocket Universe. But, her thoughts turned to Hush… who was still somewhere on this Earth and how he had so quickly abandoned her, leaving her to Duela. Luckily Duela had turned out to be a good person—even though she kind of looked like the Joker, and it could have gone so much worse.

Duela took Misfit’s hand with her free hand, having put the Gauntlet of Amethyst on the other. Closing her eyes tightly, Duela reached out with the Gauntlet, tracing a circle with her fingers. The circle turned into a small glowing disc floating in mid-air. Opening her eyes, Duela smiled.

“One gateway, coming up!” She grinned.

Opening the gateway until it was a full door, Duela looked over at Misfit.

“Here’s your last chance kid.” Duela said.

“I’m not changing my mind.” Misfit replied, although her heart was beating rapidly and a million second doubts were flooding her mind. “It’s not forever is it?”

“Nah, not at all.” Duela smiled, “If you decide you are completely unhappy here, I’ll send you back to this Universe.”

“I only wish there was a way to send me back home to my world.” Misfit said sadly. “I already tried to open a doorway between worlds, but for some reason the Guantlet failed.”

“I know.” Misfit replied. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

Duela led Misfit into the gateway. It slammed shut behind them, leaving only the stillness of the beach—waves quietly lapping against it, while in the background the shadows and silhouettes of the party goers in Titans Tower played against the sand.

“Welcome to my world! Where the Silver Age rules forever!” Duela Dent grinned as they stepped through the other side of the gateway onto the sunny beach of Titans Island, the Tower’s shadow fell on the opposite side of the beach.

“What do you mean Silver Age?” Misfit asked.

“Just some self-referential humor for the fan-boys.” Duela shrugged. “Sometimes I think I’m just a comic book character. Didn’t you read the issue break-down?”

“The what?” Misfit frowned.

“The summary of the story… you didn’t see the Word File? Weird. I always peak. That way I know if I’m going to get offed by a Monitor in a really badly conceived weekly series meant to countdown to a big event that just sort of fizzles.” Duela shrugged.

Misfit shook her head, ignoring everything Duela had just said. They’d been over in this other Universe for a few seconds, and already Duela was coming across less than sane.

“It’s so bright…” Misfit frowned, looking up at the bright blue sky, where a warm yellow sun blazed—although the temperature was a very pleasant seventy-two degrees. “And pleasant.”

“Yep.” Duela smiled, “It’s like that. It’s part of why I love it. My Universe is a lot nicer and brighter and full of fun. Our villains are kinder, gentler, and have goofier names. Just wait until you meet my villains the Human Volcano or Debbie Disco-Queen, or Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl’s old villains the Fireworks Man and Fireworks Boy. When you punch them, the light show is AMAZING! Let’s go in the Tower so you can meet the other Team Titans.”

“Team Titans?” Misfit asked.

“Yeah. The original Titans went on to join the Justice League, leaving the rest of us here at the Tower. But, since we weren’t teenagers anymore…” Duela shrugged, “We decided Team Titans would be our new name. Far cooler, and it pays homage to one of the Titans of your Universe’s worst runs.”

“That’s cool. I remember reading about those Team Titans. Some sort of alternate reality agents of Monarch.” Misfit said.

“Something stupid and improbably like that.” Duela sniffed, “Editorial changes sometimes ruin great concepts and characters. Our Team Titans is going to be nothing like that.”

Misfit looked around at her surroundings approvingly. She’d been to both of the Titans Towers in her Universe, and then the one in the other Universe she’d be shifted too, but none of them had been populated by foliage so lush and green and bright. Everything was just so vivid and bright, the colors popped out at her at every turn.

Going into the Tower, they took the stairs up to the second level where the Monitor Room was.

“Mal!” Duela beamed brightly, “I’m back!”

“I see.” Malcolm Duncan said, standing up. “And you brought a friend.”

“Mal Duncan, meet Charlotte Gage-Ratcliffe.” Duela said brightly, “She goes by the name Misfit and is going to join the Team Titans. She’s going to be a great addition to our team.”

“Well, that’s good.” Mal commented wryly. “Since it’s just you and me and Aquagirl right now.”

Misfit looked at Duela questioning.

“Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Zatanna, Elongated Man, and Green Lantern left the Justice League for various reasons that I don’t have time to go over right now, if only because we’ve already had enough exposition this issue. And we still have some more relevant exposition later on.” Duela shrugged, “So, Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Starfire, Changeling, Cyborg, and Raven took their spots. Leaving me and Malcolm here by ourselves. Well, except for Mal’s girlfriend Karen, but her Bumblebee days are on hold while she finishes college.”

“So, your Team Titans only has three members?” Misfit asked incredulously.

“Actually two.” Malcolm replied, “I only help run the Tower and monitor stuff to see where we’re needed. My Hornblower days are far behind me. Although from time to time I have donned my old Guardian uniform when needed.”

Duela smiled, “It’s not what you think! I was planning on having a membership drive before things started going all loopy cause of you guys getting shifted over to the other Universe from yours! Seriously! Promises! We’re having try-outs next week. And Aquagirl is awesome. You’re going to totally love her. Although she can be a bit of a ditz sometimes.”

“Did someone call my name?” A lithe blonde woman came into the room, her piercing violet eyes looking out from her delicate features. She wore a costume comprised of green pants and an orange scaled shirt, with an “A” for a belt buckled. It was a female version of Aquaman’s costume.

“Charlie,” Duela beamed, “Meet Lisa Morel—Aquagirl! The Amphibious Avenger!”

“Nice to meet you!” Misfit smiled, extending her hand.

Aquagirl took her hand, shaking it firmly.

“Welcome to the Titans!” Aquagirl said, “What’s your code-name?”

“I go by Misfit.” She said.

“That’s a cool name.” Aquagirl said, “Well, it’s just the three of us right now, but after Duela has her membership drive, we are going to been a strong team for justice all over again!”

“That sounds awesome.” Misfit said, “DARK VENGEANCE!”

“Um, what?” Aquagirl blinked. “Vengeance?”

“It’s just her catch-phrase, Fish-sticks! Every good super-hero’s got one! It’s just like how you say ‘By Neptune’s Trident’ whenever we see something big and stupid. Like that time we were fighting that robotic Godzilla from Dimension X.” Duela smiled, patting Misfit on the back.

“Oh. OK.” Aquagirl nodded. “That makes perfect sense then.”

“Remember Charlie,” Duela said, turning to her, “This Universe is much nicer. Vengeance is something villains are after. Perhaps you could try ‘Dark Justice’ instead. It’s far less grim and gritty and edgy.”

“I guess.” Misfit frowned, “It’s just been my catch-phrase since forever.”

“Trust me, dark justice is better.” Aquagirl said.

Charlie opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the wailing of the alarm.

“What’s that?” Misfit asked as Duela and Aquagirl rushed over to the monitor screen.

Mal was shaking his head.

“We appear to have some villain team wrecking havoc in Manhattan.” He said.

“Who are those clowns?” Duela asked as Mal brought up the visuals on the screen.

Mal groaned, “Duela.”

“What is it Mal? Dontcha like my catchphrase? All good super-heroes got one! Superman’s got Great Scott, Robin’s got Holy Whatever Batman, and Wonder Woman cries Merciful Minerva and Great Hera so fast it’ll knock your socks off.” Duela shrugged, “I got ‘who are those clowns’? It’s humorous. It’s style. It’s got pizzazz. It works off my costume and schtick. Would you prefer by Odin’s Beard?”

“I don’t recognize them at all.” Aquagirl said, flipping her blonde hair, ignoring Duela and Mal’s bantering.

“The profiling systems don’t pull up any matches.” Mal frowned, “I mean one of them looks like Copperhead, and another has a costume like our old enemy the Disruptor. One of them looks like Blue Devil’s enemy Deadbolt, but I don’t recognize the rest of them… and those aren’t even exact matches. They’re all teenagers…”

“Oh no…” Misfit said.

“What is it Freckles?” Duela asked.

“Those’re the Terror Titans?” Misfit said, shaking her head.

“Terror Titans?” Aquagirl frowned, “Why would anyone want to call themselves terrors?”

“They’re from my Universe.” Misfit said to Duela, “They’re awful.”

“Isn’t that just peachy.” Duela shook her head, “Probably grim and gritty?”

“They’re murderers.” Misfit replied.

“Murderers?” Aquagirl’s eyes grew wide and shocked. “Villains don’t murder people. Sure they try, but we always stop them just in time.”

“Not in my world.” Misfit said, “Sometimes in my world the bad guys win.”

“Sounds like you come from an awful place.” Aquagirl said, looking at the Terror Titans on the view-screen, her lips creasing into a frown as the Terror Titans attacked innocent bystanders.

“Enough of this exposition! We need to put feet to street, butts to seats, and motor if we wanna stop those Other Universal Bad Seeds! Pronto!” Duela said, then turned to Malcolm, “Grab your gold shield and your Guardian threads, Mal. We need you to tagalong on this one.”

“Will do.” Mal replied.

Within ten minutes the T-Sled was flying toward Manhattan, carrying all four of them.

“We need to find some members who can fly. And fast. All of us ground-movers slow down response time, not matter how fast this hunk of junk flies.” Duela said, manipulating the T-Sled’s controls. It was a small hovering craft with room enough for four passengers and one driver.

“I could have teleported there.” Misfit said.

“Nah, it’s fine. No need for you to show up at the party early on your own.” Duela said, “If these Terror Titans are as bad as you say, they might work you over, and good.”

“I could take them.” Misfit sniffed.

“Charlie…” Duela’s sarcastic wise-cracking tone softened, going as low as a whisper that only Misfit could hear. “There are five of them and one of you. No matter how great you are, it would have been a challenge. Better to go in to a situation like that with back-up.”

Misfit did not reply, she merely nodded. “You are way less crazy over here.”

Duela cackled, “Gimme five minutes and that’ll change. Luckily I change my underwear more often than my moods swing, so at least I got that goin’ for me.”

The T-Sled was still five minutes away from where the Terror Titans rampaged, while high above them, a small group stood looking down.

“Well, this is definitely not our New York.” Molecule said, running a hand nervously through his short spiked blonde hair. “There is no Wolfman Ave in Manhattan, nor a Perez Street. And even if they were, they wouldn’t intersect here… this should be one of the worst neighborhoods in Washington Heights, but it’s fairly tame…”

“You know New York?” The blonde girl who went by Riddler’s Daughter or Enigma, depending on her mood asked.

“Kind of.” Molecule replied, “I went to college there.”

“Well, Manhattan of your Earth is completely different than on Earth-3” Talon replied, “So I don’t really have much to judge this by…”

“Well, trust me, it’s completely different.” Molecule replied. “Those look like the Terror Titans though…”

“Are you sure we’re on an alternate Earth?” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma asked.

“Yeah.” Talon replied, “I go back and forth between New Earth and Earth 3 all the time. That slight ringing and vague nauseous feeling is normal when you shift between alternate Earths.”

“I just thought it was because I had Taco Whiz before the Terror Titans jumped us and it’s been sitting in my belly in suspended animation this whole time.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma sniffed.

“That’s probably not helping.” Talon grinned wickedly.

“So, those’re the Terror Titans…” Molecule said. “They took us each down individually. Do you think the three of us can take on the five of them?”

“Doubtful.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, frowning. “You’re the only one here with powers. And you shrink down to the size of a molecule. I mean, I got mad acrobat and martial arts skills and have my energy staff… but, that’s not going to do much against the Persuader’s axe. Talon here is basically like me, except instead of a staff he’s got that utility belt.”

“I’m one of the best martial artists back on my earth.” Talon replied, sizing up the Terror Titans. “If you want to devalue your own worth, far be it from me to get in the way of that.”

“Just stating a fact.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma shrugged, “I mean, we’re outnumbered by two. And considering the Clock King can see several seconds into the future, that’s bad news for us. It makes it hard to pull off any type of attack on him, and just as hard to defend ourselves.”

“Such a pessimist.” Molecule replied, shaking his head. “We can do it. We’re Teen Titans.”

“Were.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma corrected him, “And that’s back on our world. And, we were each only Titans for a short time.”

“I have been doing this for a very long time back on Earth 3.” Talon said levelly. “I can handle myself.”

“Then why were you on our Earth then?” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma sniffed.

“The only reason I popped up on your Earth was that I was looking for my girlfriend Duela, who’d disappeared a year or so before. I found her on your world, locked up in a mental hospital. I freed her and we decided to stay on your world, since back on Earth 3 we’re on opposite ends of the law. Apparently after the Terror Titans captured me, she got iced by a Monitor…”

“Is that where she got off to?” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma sniffed. “I was wondering… I hadn’t seen her since that Titans East fiasco with Deathstroke.”

“Yeah…” Talon frowned. Feeling the wave of sadness rise up inside, “I loved her very much. I defied my mentor Owlman and crossed Universes for her… only to have her killed for no better reason than she wasn’t on the world she was born on. As if someone as sweet and honest as funny as Duela ever belonged on Earth-3.”

“Wow.” Molecule said, “I never knew.”

“Not many people did.” Talon replied, “Duela’s mind would always be so foggy when she shifted over that sometimes she got mixed up and confused on New Earth and forgot who she was. People thought she was crazy… but she wasn’t.”

“She never told me any of that.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, “She was my only real friend. We met in the mental hospital. She helped me realize I wasn’t crazy… and helped me escape.”

“Awesome.” Molecule groaned, “You’re crazy too.”

“Not crazy.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma shrugged, “Just misguided. I got obsessed with the Riddler, thought he was my dad. Duela could relate. She helped me sort some stuff out.”

“Our immediately concern,” Talon said, interrupting Molecule and Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma, “Is how we’re going to stop the Terror Titans. The people down there are getting hurt. We need a plan.”

“I guess they don’t have a Superman on this world.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma sniffed.

Clock King stood back, looking over the mayhem that his Terror Titans were responsible for.

Persuader was smashing through buildings and cars alike with her axe, devastating anything and anyone who got in her way. People screamed, running as quickly as they could, but several had already been cut down and were bleeding out on the streets.

Dreadbolt was zapping people, leaving a pile around him as people who came within his radius were knocked down.

Copperhead came slithering out of a jewelry store, wrapped in jewels and with massive bags in both hand, weighed down with heavy jewelry.

Only Disrupter seemed to be holding back, she kept missing people, and it was clear to Clock King that she didn’t have her heart in this. What had happened before she’d been shifted over into this world?

Clock King smiled, generally pleased with his Terror Titans actions. His own powers were off, once he’d been able to see nearly a minute into the future, now on this world, he was seeing two to three different futures… for up to an hour in some instances. It was going to be difficult to figure out which one to follow, and get used to whatever changes shifting to this universe had brought on.

For instance, in the first of three futures about to occur, they were going to continue on their crime spree uninterrupted. In another, Dreadbolt turned on Disrupter and killed her. In the third Duela Dent and a group of Titans arrived to engage them in a fight.

The Clock King frowned, wondering which of the three to expect. The first two were preferable. If they lost Disruptor it would mean he wouldn’t have to continue to coddle her and pretend to be in love with her. He’d chosen to manipulate her in that way, because he had been able to determine that in her short life Elise had never known true love—and never been awarded much affection. Her need for it had made her his to manipulate with only the faintest bit of affection and love-making. But, it seemed as though perhaps his hold might be slipping.

“Well, well, well…” Duela Dent’s voice came from above as the T-Sled came into sight. “Who do we have here?”

“TERROR TITANS TOGETHER!” Clock King shouted.

The various Terror Titans paused, before getting into the formation that Clock King had taught them for when playing offensive for an attack.

Parking the T-Sled, Duela and the Team Titans disembarked.

Duela’s eyes instantly went to the various bodies littering the ground. There were so many dead. Kind gentle people. The people of her Pocket Universe were more innocent and trusting than the people from the world she’d left behind. She’d crafted the world this way on purpose when she’d punched it into existence with the Gauntlet of Amethyst. She’d wanted a world where she was safe from the Time Trapper and were things were better than the world she came from. She had wanted heroes who were heroic, villains who were evil, but where no one actually died—where at the end of the fight, the heroes all went home and the villains went to jail, where they would escape to fight another day. These Terror Titans… they were too brutal for her world.

“You guys can’t stay here.” Duela said to them, “On my world villains don’t kill.”

“That would explain why these people were so easily killed.” The Clock King chuckled, “Why they ran into the Persuader’s axe, why they weren’t able to stand up from themselves. None of the police even hit us when they fired their guns. It was pathetic. What kind of lambs have you led to the slaughter here girl?”

Duela’s gaze went murderous. “I’ve filled my world with good people. Even the villains are good. It’s the way the world should be.”

“What do you mean by that Duela?” Malcolm asked, the conversation going over his head.

Misfit frowned. Duela had told her of this Pocket Universe’s creation—that she’d brought it into existence with the Gauntlet of Amethyst. Did none of her teammates know that Duela had punched them into existence?

“Just that I surround myself with the best of the best.” Duela replied. “And, the world that they and Misfit come from is rotten to the core at times.”

“Oh, that’s rich.” Clock King laughed. “I get glimpses of the future you know. So, I know how this ends… they all walk away from you when the truth is revealed.”

Duela smiled at him, her eyes blazing with anger.

“It doesn’t work that way.” Duela said, “You must be seeing the wrong future.”

“Betcha didn’t see this coming!”

Clock King turned toward the sound of the voice behind him, just in time for Talon’s boot to come into contact with his face.

The Clock King shrieked, tasting blood as his teeth cut into the side of his cheeks.

“Why didn’t I see that?!” Clock King cried out.

“You made a big mistake mister!” The Persuader said, swinging her atomic axe toward Talon.

“You should watch where you swing that thing! Somebody might get hurt!” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, an energy bolt exploding from the question mark on the top of her staff slamming into the axe with just enough force to keep the Persuader from cutting Talon in two.

The Persuader spun toward Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma, her eyes filling with fury beneath her metal mask.

“Who do you think you are?!” She screamed.

“Oooh! A riddler! I love riddles!” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma cooed, her eyes growing wide and excited. “I don’t think I am anyone. I just am. Crazy, huh? Here’s a riddle for you! When is it bad luck to meet a cat?”

“I don’t care!” The Persuader said, swinging her axe at her adversary.

“Bronk! That’s the wrong answer!” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, doing a back-flip and easily avoiding the swinging axe. “The correct answer is: When you’re a rat! Oh, and FYI: you’re the rat!”

The Riddler’s Daugher/Enigma slammed her fist into the Persuader’s neck with all of her might.

The Persuader choked out a cry, dropping her axe as both hands went to her throat.

“I fight dirty sometimes.” The Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma shrugged, flipping away from the Persuader.

“I don’t know what to do Duela!” Aquagirl cried out, “They all fight so dirty! She punched her in the throat! Which ones are the bad guys?”

“Just stand back and out of the way then.” Duela said.

Copperhead was moving toward Duela and the others when Molecule punched him, using the size-control buttons in his belt to increase the mass in his fist so that it packed a wallop.

“Stupid move Shrinky-Dink!” Copperhead said, using his contortionist abilities to wrap himself tightly around Molecule.

“I can just make myself smaller and smaller…” Molecule said, getting shorter and shorter, even as Copperhead tightened his coils each time he reduced his size.

“And I can just tighten my own coils more and more each time.” Copperhead replied.

“Eventually I’ll get smaller and smaller.” Molecule said, “You can only tighten so much before I shrink too small… and you tangle yourself up.”

Molecule slipped between the atoms of Copperhead’s scaly uniform, as Copperhead got twisted up in his own arms. Quickly increasing his size, Molecule belted Copperhead three times swiftly, knocking him into unconsciousness so that he couldn’t react.

Bolts of crackling lightning burst from Dreadbolts hands arcing toward Duela and the others.

“No fair!” Misfit said, popping out of sight just before a bolt slammed into the ground where she’d been standing.

Popping back into sight beside Dreadbolt, she hauled off and punched him.

“Hey!” Dreadbolt gasped, as the fist slammed into his face. He spun toward her, preparing to turn her into charcoal with another bolt of lightning when Misfit popped out of sight again.

Misfit popped up directly behind him, punching him in the back of the head.

“DARK JUSTICE!” Misfit cried out in glee, landing several more punches before Dreadbolt could spin around.

By the time he’d turned around, Misfit had popped out of sight again.

She popped up beside him slamming him again and again.

Dreadbolt spun around again, even as Misfit had phased out and back in beside him.

“I’m getting dizzy…” Dreadbolt said, trying to fire off his electrical powers, but not able to get his aim. Bolts of electricity exploded in all directions as he kept trying to hit Misfit.

Misfit popped up into place beside him one more time, slamming into him hard enough with her fist that he went down, unconscious.

“DARK JUSTICE!” Misfit grinned, teleporting so that she was standing next to Duela and Aquagirl.

Mal was off helping the survivors left in the aftermath of the Terror Titans attack.

Duela turned her attention to the Disruptor, the only member of the Terror Titans unengaged. The pretty blonde girl appeared uncertain, her face creased in a frown.

“You’re not fighting like the others.” Duela said, sizing the girl up. She had a dozen things in her side-pack that she could use, but she wasn’t entirely sure what to use against the girl. Duela had been with the original Teen Titans of her Pocket Universe when they’d fought the Disruptor of this universe, but she wasn’t sure if this one’s powers were the same.

What she did know was that their Disruptor had been a poor misguided guy trying to win the approval of his criminal father. He had only fought them because his father was trying to join the H.I.V.E. and pressured his son into taking on the Titans. Was this Disruptor trying to win approval as well?

“Are you doing this because you want to do it? Or are you doing this because you’re trying to win someone’s love?” Duela asked, removing one of her giant powder-puffs from her side-pack.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” The Disruptor snapped a little too quickly.

“Struck a nerve? The Disruptor from my world was trying to win his father’s love. Who’s love are you trying to win?”

The Disruptor looked back toward the Clock King, then snapped her head back toward Duela Dent.

“I just want to belong.” She said, her bottom lip beginning to tremble. “I just want someone to care. To love me… anyone.”

“You’re going about it all wrong chicky.” Duela said; the powder-puff was covered with sleeping powder. It would knock the Disruptor out, but she almost didn’t want to do it. She sensed that maybe the girl could be saved.

“Donna Troy of my Universe was going to help me… she was going to take me to Transformation Island…” The Disruptor stopped mid-sentence, releasing a blood-curdling scream, before collapsing.

“What the Hey?” Duela blinked.

“I have her suit rigged.” The Clock King said, trying to avoid Talon’s attack. “I gave her a good shock…”

Talon punched him right in the face, silencing him.

The Clock King had grown poor at hand-to-hand combat, as he’d grown use to being able to counteract any attack through the use of his powers or by throwing one of the Terror Titans at the problem. This was the first time in months he’d had to get his own hands dirty.

And he was failing miserable.

He would see three different moves from Talon, and try to determine the most probable one. It was just that Talon was too fast for him to try to figure out which one to block. And, before he knew it, there was a punch to his face or a kick to his side.

“You certainly aren’t very good at this.” Talon remarked, his voice full of snark. “Are you sure you’re a member of a super-villain team? You aren’t acting like you’re a member of a villain team. You’re acting like a total wimp. On my Earth you’d be dead-meat.”

“What Earth would that be?” The Clock King tried to sound brave, even as Talon landed a karate chop to his shoulder that sent pain exploding through his entire body. “Earth-Lame?”

“Is that the best you got?” Talon laughed. Before he drop-kicked the Clock King, sending him flying back and into a pile with the Persuader, Copperhead, and Dreadbolt. “I guess it is.”

Putting his hands on hips with great satisfaction, Talon grinned turning to Duela.

“I took care of them lover.” He said to her.

“Um… ah… I think you’ve got me mixed up with some other girl.” Duela said, frowning, grateful the white paint on her face masked her blush.

“You all got lucky.” The Clock King said, wiping blood from his mouth as he pulled himself to his feet. The other Terror Titans were standing beside him, wobbly but trying to put on a bold face. “This fight has just begun.”

Duela clenched her fists, realizing that this was going to get bloodier if she didn’t do something fast.

Looking at the bodies littering the ground, at the look of horror on Aquagirl and Mal’s faces, she knew that drastic action was needed. The death around them was so severe, that Aquagirl could only stand and stare. While Malcolm had busied himself with helping the injured rather than trying to engage the Terror Titans in battle.

Reaching into her side-pack, Duela removed the Gauntlet of Amethyst. Normally she kept it locked away in an impenetrable safe in Titans Tower, but she hadn’t returned it to it’s place after returning from the other Universe yet. The powers it had were dangerous in the wrong hands and it literally had the power to create and destroy life and reality. It was also the only way to cross between the Universes. To keep the Time Trapper out of her life, and unable to enter her world, she had no actual gateways between the Universes. This Gauntlet was the only way between the worlds.

“What’s that?” Clock King frowned.

“It’s my insurance policy.” Duela replied quietly, pulling on the Gauntlet. Slamming her fist into the ground, she said, “You Terror Titans can go home.”

“What?!” Misfit asked, her eyes wide and shocked. “You had a way to send me home the whole time?”

“Yes.” Duela said sadly, “The Gauntlet can open a gateway back to your world. But, I can only open the gateway briefly and once. And, opening it endangers all of reality.”

“Then why are you opening it?” Misfit asked.

The skies above them began to darken, filling with crackling electric storms and fire.

“Because, the Terror Titans will destroy this world if they remain. They are a plague upon this Universe. They will corrupt it.” Duela said, “They cannot stay.”

“Will it work for all of us?” Molecule asked, suddenly realizing that maybe home was available.

“It will.” Duela replied, “But, consider this… on the world you are from, Titans die. All the time. On that world you will all certainly end up dead at some point or another. Killed during a big summer-wide crossover while fighting Darkseid… Or in your case Molecule, split in two by the Persuader’s axe.”

“What?” Molecule said, his eyes widening in horror.

“Yes.” Duela nodded, “If you go home you will die. Horribly, without anyone really caring. You can stay on this world, however, and be safe. Because here, villains don’t kill. It’s why the Terror Titans must leave.”

Molecule’s face was like stone for several moments as he contemplated this.

“What about me?” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma asked.

“You will cease to be when the Universe changes in the aftermath of Final Crisis. As if you never existed.” Duela replied. “Talon will get bounced back to Earth 3, and he’ll be killed by Owlman for his betrayal.”

“What does the future hold for me?” Misfit asked, quietly.

“You either become an evil tyrant in the Titans of Tomorrow. Or you get sent to comic book limbo because you aren’t edgy enough.” Duela replied, “Eventually I’m sure someone will bring you back just to kill you off.”

Misfit’s eyes widened in horror, “That’s awful.”

“What about me?” The Disruptor asked, suddenly from where the other Terror Titans stood. “Will Donna Troy actually help me? Like she promised?”

Duela smiled sadly at the blonde girl, who’s eyes were filled with a desire to be needed and loved and to be wanted.

“Sadly no.” Duela replied, “The Clock King will have you killed before that can happen. Donna will see to it that you get a proper burial on Paradise Island and are made an honorary Amazon. But, if you go back, there ain’t no happy ending for you.”

“Don’t listen to her Elise.” The Clock King said, his voice taking on an edge. “She’s trying to confuse you.”

The Disruptor bit the corner of her lip, considering everything.

“Why should we go back Clock King?” The Persuader asked. “Our world is full of bigger dogs than us. Our only hope is that Boss Darkseid helps us. Yet this world is full of pansies and weaklings. We could take the entire world for ourselves!”

“She’s right, C.K.” Copperhead said, “This world is going to be a push-over. If these are the best heroes it has to offer… it would be like taking candy from a baby.”

“I’m with them.” Dreadbolt said, “Why go back to being one of many fishes in the same pond. Here we’re the biggest fish.”

“I think they have a point, Duela.” The Clock King smiled widely, “You’ve endangered all of reality to offer us a ride home none of us are going to take.”

“You’ll take it!” The Disruptor shouted, unleashing her powers upon her team-mates.

The first bolts hit Dreadbolt and Copperhead, knocking them through the gateway.

“Traitorous witch!” Persuader shouted, then frowned, “Hey, wait!? I meant to say witch. What the heck?”

“It’s my world.” Duela smiled, “It’s kinder and gentler. We don’t have that kind of language here.”

Before the Persuader could react, a giant boxing glove exploded from Duela’s side-pack, smacking her in the face and knocking her backwards through the Gateway.

The Clock King looked between Duela and the Disrupter, his eyes filled with fear for the first time in a very long time.

“Didn’t see that coming did ya?” Duela replied.

“I’ll get both of you for this.” The Clock King said, looking between the Disruptor and Duela Dent, before he jumped through the Gateway.

“Last chance you guys…” Duela said, her voice full of sadness as everything began to shimmer around them. “I have to close the gate soon. It’s starting to shake the fabric of reality. It’s definitely not doing the Macarena… You guys are misfits. Barely fleshed-out characters that are basically cannon fodder and will get killed or maimed or offed in the next major cross-over event if you go back there. There is plenty of room here for you.”

They all considered Duela’s plea.

“I’m staying.” Molecule said suddenly, “Better to have a life, than go home to die.”

“I’m with Molecule.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, “I’d like to live on a world where good wins.”

“Can I go to Transformation Island?” The Disruptor asked, her eyes filling with tears. “I just want to get better.”

“I will call Wonder Girl.” Duela smiled, “We’ll get you on the invisible boat to Paradise ASAP.”

“I’m staying where ever you are Duela.” Talon said, his eyes imploring her. “I’ve crossed universes to find you. And I thought I’d lost you… but here you are.”

“Um… OK.” Duela said, shaking her head, “Awkward. We can talk about that later. Much later.”

She slammed her fist into the ground again, the Gateway slamming shut. She then gave another punch, this one softer as she squeezed her eyes tightly and concentrated. This second punch had to be handled just so—too much pressure and it could create more problems.

Once waves of colored light began rippling from the punch it began to cascade over the dead and wounded. One by one, they began sitting up, their lives returned and their wounds healed.

“What’s happening?” Misfit asked.

“I used the Gauntlet to change the events…. They were all just knocked out by Dreadbolt’s blasts. No one dies on this world if I can help it. Welcome to my world guys.” Duela said taking the Gauntlet off, putting it back in her side-back. “You guys wanna join the Titans?”

“Oh, I thought you’d never ask!” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma said, her eyes growing wide and excited.

“Then let’s get back to the Tower and get you guys sworn in.” Duela smiled. “Do any of you guys fly?”

“Um… no.” Molecule said.

“Sorry, ground-bound.” Riddler’s Daughter/Enigma shrugged.

“Yeah, none of us fly.” Talon shrugged.

“Me either.” The Disruptor said.

“Typical.” Duela said, rolling her eyes. “There are eight of us, and none of us fly. This is shaping up to be the best Team Titans team ever.”

“But, Duela, we’re the first Team Titans team ever.” Aquagirl said, “You guys were the Teen Titans before.”

“Way to ruin the moment Fish-sticks.” Duela said, slapping Aquagirl on the back.

“Did you just call her…” Molecule stopped, “Oh, you are saying Fish Sticks.”

“Yep.” Duela nodded, “Fish-sticks.”

“You don’t watch ‘South Park’ do you?” Molecule asked.

“What’s ‘South Park’?” Mal Duncan asked.

“You guys don’t have ‘South Park’?” Molecule asked, his eyes growing wide. “Is it too late to go home?!”

“Can I join when I get done at Transformation Island?” The Disruptor asked. “I want to be good.”

“I think we can arrange that.” Duela grinned, “Now… how are we all going to fit on the T-Slide?”


“This isn’t our world!” Copperhead screamed, shaking his fists at the black skies above.

“That witch tricked us!” The Persuader screamed. And then she screamed again, “And she’s still changing my words!”

“What do we do Clock King?” Dreadbolt asked, trying not to break into tears. His psyche had been fragile for some time, but recent events had made it more so.

“How am I supposed to know?!” The Clock King shouted, turning on Dreadbolt, belting him. “I can’t see into the future! My powers don’t work here!”

“Mine don’t either.” The Persuader said, “My axe is just dead weight.”

“I can’t contort.” Copperhead frowned. “Where the Heck did she send us?! Crud, now my words are getting manipulated! FUDGE! SPIT! WITCH! GOSH-DARNED HORSEFACE SQUIRREL! NO FAIR!”

“Don’t worry,” Clock King said, gaining his composure. “We’re going to find our way off this rock. And we’re going to decimate the Team Titans… and that traitor the Disruptor.”

“You have been sent to the Phantom Zone of the Pocket Universe.” The voice came from all around them, and sent shivers down all of their spines. “If you’ve ever seen the Earth Prime Supergirl Movie you would recognize it. But, I doubt they have that movie where you are from… considering you’d know Supergirl and Superman’s secret identities if you did.”

“Who are you?!” The Clock King asked.

In the skies above them, an image formed of a hooded figure who’s eyes seemed to glow with pure hate but had no features any of them could discern.

“I’m the Time Trapper. And, Duela Dent has made her first mistake… shifting you losers to this manufactured Phantom Zone has allowed me entrance to her world…” The Time Trapper began to laugh. “And, now my plans can proceed…”


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