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His world exploded before his birth. Propelled by a futuristic craft powered by a science beyond mans comprehension he arrived on a our world as a baby. Raised as a human by loving, caring parents who instilled in him the difference between right and wrong, he derives his powers from our yellow sun that give him enormous and unheard of abilities ! His massive strength and incomprehensible powers are matched only by the great and true heart that beats within his chest ! He is one of the most powerful champions for truth, justice , and the American way that has ever lived ! A man from the stars ever seeking to make the Earth his home, and to protect that home from evils no one else would have a glimmer of hope against ! He is the man of steel, the man of tomorrow...he is..


Superman #10

Cold Armageddon: chapter I

"Death from above"

By Ralph Angelo

Clark Kent enters the Daily Planet building as a certain red haired young man approaches him immediately.

"Clark! Man it's great to see you big buddy!" Jimmy Olsen pumps Clarks hand as Kent returns his friends grin.

"Same here Jimmy. What's the status of things around here? "

"Well," Jimmy begins, "The Chief is pretty PO'd that you haven't been in, in almost a month, but I think he's putting on a show for the newer reporters, to let them know who's running the ship here."

"I understand Jimmy. "

Clark walks towards his desk, and looks at the empty one across from his own, stopping in mid step as memories flash through his mind concerning Lois Lane, his wife. Just then a middle aged man exits his office and pulls up short when he sees Clark.

"Clark! Good to see you ."

He shakes Clarks hand vigorously as he continues speaking.

"Any word from Lois yet ?"

"No chief, not yet. But I have a feeling I'll be hearing from her any day soon."

"I think so too Clark. Anytime you need a home cooked meal between now and when she returns, let me know. Alice would be glad to have you over for dinner."

Clark smiles warmly and shakes Perry's hand once more.

"Thanks Perry, I truly do appreciate it."

Just then Jimmy Olsen runs back into the city room.

"Chief, Clark, You both better check this out. Luthors holding a press conference."

Both men look at each other, before following young Olsen into an office, where a TV is showing a WGBS live feed from Centennial park. Luthor has just been introduced, and is about to speak.

"What's that slimy snake up to now?"

"We're all about to find out Perry." Clark answers, as he intently stares at the tv set.

Finally, Luthor taps the microphone on the podium a few times and smiles congenially to the surrounding reporters and the interested passers by.

"Ladies and gentlemen, friends. You all know who I am and what this fair city means to me. It's more then just a place to live, work and spend my days. It is a part of me. I was born and bred here. Unlike others, this is not my adopted home, or for that matter, my adopted planet."

Clark almost involuntarily cringes at that one, a barb meant for Superman, but only almost.

"As such, I've become aware of late of the increasing number of gang related shootings using hi-tech, other worldly weaponry*, and I, Lex Luthor have decided to do something about it. Something more then merely capture a few hoods, while the larger problem still exists. I have decided to donate my new anti-Gang weaponry to the Special Crimes Unit here in Metropolis. The city is strapped financially, as was shown by a reporters recent ill advised and researched expose."

*See issue #4 as well as the first part of the Worlds Finest mini for a good example of this.-Ralph

"That lousy--" Perry White angrily blurts out," He's talking about Lois!"

"I know Perry , relax. This is getting interesting." Answers a subdued and thinking Clark.

"Ms. Lanes articles concerning improprieties in the cities spending for the defense of its Police officers did serve a purpose, even as far off base as it was, that purpose being to bring out in the open just how financially strapped Metropolis truly is. But Lexcorp is, as always , more concerned with the common good then the bottom line. Hence, the SCU is , as we speak , taking delivery of 200 hi tech anti-gang weapons that will not only shield the officers using the weapons from their attackers, but will have enough fire power to incapacitate them as well, bringing peace once more to our streets. After the initial 200 weapons have been donated, Police organizations around the country will be able to purchase this same weaponry from Lexcorp, at discounted rates. Thank you for your time, and lets all feel a little safer tonight in our homes, knowing that your Police force, through Lexcorps good graces, has the ability to keep you free from harm. Thank you."

Luthor leaves the podium amid thunderous applause, even in the very city room where Clark and friends stand.

Looking around Perry White shakes his head. "They bought it. All of them. Even our own people."

Clark nods grimly. "I know Chief."

Suddenly Clark hears something meant for his ears only.

"Look Perry , I just remembered an appointment I have with the dentist. I'll be back in a few hours. This will give me some time to mull over what Luthor had to say."

"Okay son, I'll see you later on. " He lays a hand on Clarks shoulder. "And don't worry Clark, I have a feeling Lois will be home soon."

"So do I Perry."

Clark leaves the city room, heading up a stairwell, far faster then the closed circuit cameras can record, and in midstride changes into a familiar and awe inspiring costume! A red cape streaks behind his form as he flies off the rooftop and away towards the lab area of Emil Hamilton.

"I wonder what Ham wants? He's never used the contact frequency I gave him before." Thinks Superman to himself.

Superman arcs over golden Metropolis, alighting on the fire escape leading to Emil Hamiltons home/Lab. Superman taps lightly on the glass door, and Emil waves him in from inside.

"Come in my friend, come in."

Superman enters and Emil guides him over to a strange looking device, that looks sort of like a cross between an electric chair and a shower.

"Emil, what is this?"

"Why my friend, this is the device I was telling you about the other day."

"Ham, I haven't spoken to you in weeks, what's this all about?"

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry Superman. This is a device I've been creating to make you immune to Kryptonites effects."

Superman is stunned! Hamilton so matter of factly mentioned this, that the Man of steel had little time to digest the implications!

"Emil, there's basically only one piece of Kryptonite on the planet, that anyone knows of anyway. Why would I even need this?"

"Well , judging by steller trajectories over the past three decades, and the speed of free floating matter Vs. The currents of solar winds, I have hypothesized that a great deal of Kryptonite will enter Earths atmosphere this year alone, with more particles coming every day. Some are so minute that they will be mere dust motes, others will be as large as , say a car. But every one will effect you profoundly. You'll find yourself being sick to your stomach on an almost constant basis, and then, eventually, you will suffer far worse then that."

Superman walks around the strange device, finally turning to face Emil."And this will make me immune to Kryptonites effects ? Okay Emil, let's give it a whirl. How safe is it? Will this have any adverse effect on me?"

"None that I can ascertain Superman. I've done perhaps 100 hours of testing using computer mock-ups, and everything seems perfectly safe, but in all matters like this , there's always a chance of problems, no matter how minor they may be."

"Well it seems the benefits far outweigh the potential hazards. I say lets do it then. And thank you in advance my friend ."

Minutes later, Superman is strapped into the chair and Emil readies the process.

"All seems ready Superman, how are you?"

"I'm ready whenever you are Emil."

Hamilton grins, but it's not one Superman had expected from his old friend. Its off somehow. Almost like a cat would have playing with a trapped mouse, and then the switch is thrown!

And excruciating pain becomes Supermans existence!

"AAAaarrgh, E-Emil , w-what I-is this?"

"Hahahahaha you fool, it's the beginning of the end . A long, painful end in more ways then one!"

"Unngh< Emil What area you talking about?"

"Idiot." Is Hamilton' only answer, as the strange rays continue to bombard the helpless man of steel. Then, Hamilton' body drops like a puppet whose strings have been cut, and his prosthetic hand disengages itself from his arm, to slither across the floor, spider-like, to a pile of scrap metal curiously stacked in the corner. Suddenly the hand climbs atop the metal, and the entire mound begins to change shape to grow into a familiar and evil form!

"No!" Snarls Superman through pain wracked teeth, "YOU! The CYBORG!"

Supermans enemy, who wears a distorted version of his own face laughs heartily. "Who else Alien? Your demise is always in my designs, and this time the designs are most grand!"

"Not-If-I-can -Help-It!"

With a heave that would make Samson or Hercules proud, Superman pulls free from the device, but it takes almost all his remaining strength to merely stand.

"What'd you do to me madman?"

"I bombarded you with red sun radiation, as well as coated you with a polymer compound that will stop you from absorbing Yellow sun radiation. Effectively, I've crippled you."



Superman hurls himself at the Cyborg, smashing them both through the brick wall of Emil Hamiltons building, but the Cyborg backhands Superman half a city block, effortlessly. With a resounding crash, Superman collides with a city bus, smashing through its sides, to tumble helplessly to the sidewalk. The Cyborg lands next to him.

"Foolish alien, only a mind as great as mine could have conceived of a plan that would totally destroy you, and wait until you see the rest of it Kryptonian. It gets better!"

"Damn you!"


Superman slams the Cyborg with all his might, but it merely pushes the Cyborg back a few feet.

"Hahaha. How weak you are now Kryptonian, how helpless. And thus you shall remain. The best is yet to come alien. Just keep watching."

The Cyborg grabs Superman roughly by the throat, as Superman unleashes his heat ray vision into the madmans face, with no effect at all!

"That will be quite enough of that alien."

He smacks Superman on the side of the head powerfully, knocking him into unconsciousness. Then he begins to seemingly talk to himself.

"I have him. Retrieve me from this backwards world."

With a hum of energy, Both Superman and his captor disappear before the frightened eyes of Metropolites everywhere, who had gathered around the spot they had just occupied.

To reappear in a nightmare!~

Superman awakens almost immediately, as he quickly gets his bearings, and his surroundings register. He's in a dark room, and his powers are all but gone. He has no vision powers to speak of, and so cannot pierce the darkness around him.

"Where are we Cyborg? What kind of twisted game is this, you maniac?"

Then another voice answers Superman, one almost forgotten, but at the least thought dead.

"Your bravado does you credit my respected enemy, but it will be to little this time."

"You, I heard you were dead."

" I was Superman, I got better."

From the shadows the large creature enters the light, and Supermans heart skips a beat.


"Yes Superman, Mongul. As well as a few other friends of yours."

He waves his hand to his left, and suddenly lights come on , revealing a gargantuan auditorium, filled with many familiar, and not so familiar faces. Including...

"Hybrid? So this is where you ended up."

"That's right Superman, now may I introduce to you Blackfire of Tamaran, The Branx warriors, the Gordanians, The Khunds, . As well as my allies the Dominators. Fel Andar, the one true Hawkman. As well as Deron Ved, I believe you already know Evil Star. And this is The Thrillkiller."

The introductions go on for seemingly forever, as Superman struggles continually against his bonds. All the while the Cyborg stands beside Mongul, smiling at Superman with that vicious smile of his. Until finally....

"Do you know why you are here man of Steel?"

"The usual reasons I suppose Mongul. You and the Cyborg intend to kill me."

"That goes without saying fool. But this time there's more than merely your death in the cards. First, you will be made to watch your adoptive homeworlds destruction."

Mongul touches a console nearby him, and a wall shimmers into life , becoming a view screen.

"You recognize the asteroid belt between Earth and Mars correct Kryptonian?" asks the Cyborg

Superman says nothing, he merely meets the Cyborgs cold stare

"No matter, I know you do . Now watch it carefully. "

Mongul touches another control, and suddenly, the asteroid belt is alive with lights, many, many lights!

"Do you know what those lights represent Superman? "

"I would assume each one is a ship Mongul,"

"Correct Kryptonian. There are over 1,100 destroyer class ships hidden only a few minutes from your pathetic adoptive world."

"You'll be stopped Mongul, Cyborg. The JLA---"

"You mean these fools?" Laughs the Cyborg, as the image on the view screen changes to show the JLA watchtower surrounded by hundreds of alien warriors and small ships.

"No...." Is all Superman can breathe out almost silently.

"Yes Superman, yes. ."Laughs the triumphant Cyborg again.

"We've survived alien invasions before Mongul, we'll do so again."

"You misunderstand Superman, this is not an invasion. There's no master plan to subjugate the Earthlings, no. This time this backwater world will be destroyed! Utterly and without remorse.." Gloats Mongul

"That's right Kryptonian, just think, you'll be the only being in the cosmos to survive the destruction of two worlds, though you will be following this one into oblivion immediately thereafter! Hahahahahahaha......"

And the Cyborgs laughter fills the great hall, as hundreds of other voices join his as Superman struggles vainly against his bonds. All the while, being bombarded with more of the red sun rays.

Next : Cold Armageddon, Part II

Kryptonian Komments C/O

This time around , we're going to go sans my remarks.

Hi Ralph,

A solid issue, though not as good as the recent Brainiac stories. The Sue storyline did nothing at all for me, to be honest, and served only to slow the more interesting Superman plot down. I understand what you were going for, but I don't think it quite succeeded. The scene with Bibbo was a classic, however, and makes up for the Sue stuff. I'm a big fan of the Bibbo character and I liked how you used him here. Emil's arm is up to no good?! Interesting... Emil's another favorite of mine so don't kill him off! ;-)



Finally got around to reading SM#8 today. I must say, very, very nice. A good blending of the best old and new elements of this classic Superman villain. I wish real DC would follow suit. I trust that Brainiac will be showing up in your up coming big space villain cross-over? He certainly qualifies as a space based threat with an Earth grudge. The Clark/Lois thing was a good touch. The letter itself was a little... clunky in places. You are a talented writer my friend, but I don't think you've quite got the hang of speaking as a women. It just "sounded" like a man writing what he thought a woman would say, not a woman baring her soul to her husband. Not that I think it diminishes the issue, or that I've thought you were writing Lois badly to this point, or that I thought the letter itself was badly done. It was in character and all, it just didn't "sound" like it came from a woman to me.


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