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Higher Learning

Annual #1

FDC Presents "Calculations - Part Three"

By David Marshall



Windsor Academy, Professor Knott’s Office

Professor Hugo Knott didn’t care for the Calculator, at least the one from his own world. The villain was everything he didn’t want the children of Windsor Academy to become - a glass jaw, unorganized, petty, and self-motivated. He was an impenitent lout who contributed little to the underworld.

The man sitting across the table from the Professor was nothing like his fallible doppleganger. He was business-like, the kind of man who navigated corporate waters with ease. What he lacked in raw charisma he countered with quiet confidence. Though hardly intimidating he commanded respect. Of course the possibility existed that the man was indeed his own world’s Calculator trying to scam the school following the infusion of new talent from the other earth but Professor Knott‘s professional curiosity was piqued. He settled into his elegant leather chair and eyed his guest suspiciously. “So Mr. Kuttler, you hail from the alternate earth?”

Calculator nodded. “Indeed I do, sir.”

“Pardon my candor, but how do I know you’re not lying?” asked Professor Knott. “The Noah Kuttler I know is an opportunist if nothing else. Your claims could prove nothing more than an injudicious hoax.”

“To what end?” Calculator asked.

“Money. Respect. Folly. Whatever it is the short-sighted seek,” Professor Knott answered.

“You’re an astute man, Professor but you give my hapless counterpart entirely too much credit,” Calculator replied.

“How so?” Professor Knott asked.

“The Noah Kuttler of your world is dead,” Calculator replied. “I killed him a little over a week ago.”

Professor Knott silently cursed himself for raising an eyebrow at the claim.

Calculator reached for his briefcase and released the latches. He retrieved a surgical storage container from inside and removed the top. “Perhaps this will convince you.”

He tossed an index finger onto the Professor’s desktop. It was discolored from time spent on ice. Dried blood crusted around the severed end.

The Professor recoiled from the sight. “Bloody hell, man!”

Calculator held up his hands and wiggled his fingers for the Professor to see. “All ten of my own are accounted for. Test this one against my own. You’ll find the prints a perfect match.”

Professor Knott’s gaze went from the severed digit to the man across from him. He was definitely not the Noah Kuttler of his own world.

“My children aren’t seasoned villains, Mr. Kuttler,” Professor Knott warned. “They aren‘t accustomed to such savagery!”

“No savagery intended, Professor,” Calculator replied while retrieving the finger. He placed it back in its case and gave it to Professor Knott. “The severed digit is proof of my identity, nothing more. I offer your school an unparalleled opportunity to expand its horizons far beyond its current technological limitations.”

“How so?” asked Professor Knott.

“Does the name Oracle mean anything to you?” Calculator asked.

Professor Knott nodded. “He’s the eyes and ears for the capes.”

“She,” Calculator corrected.

Professor Knott did his best to maintain a poker face. He never considered the possibility the elusive Oracle was a woman. He considered himself a renaissance man, but this news caught even him off-guard. This Calculator was formidable indeed if he had cracked the identity of such a pain in the underworld’s collective rear end.

“She is their eyes and ears and, next to me, the world’s foremost expert in technology systems. However, my earth’s tech is half a decade ahead of your world’s. I can shield your school’s sensitive data from her prying eyes while teaching the children the art of cyber crime.”

“Dr. Light…” Professor Knott began.

“Is a self-important fool if he’s anything like the Arthur Light from my world,” Calculator interrupted. “Techno-crime is the wave of the future, Professor. Who do you want teaching it your students, the world’s foremost expert or some washed-up incompetent?”

“May I remind you of Dr. Light’s value as a fund-raiser for the school?” said Professor Knott. He considered Arthur Light something of a crackpot himself but he wasn’t going to allow an outsider to criticize his staff.

“I’m sure he is,” Calculator replied. “If he’s anything like the Dr. Light on my world he is one of the best connected figures in the underworld. I respect that, but his technological aptitude is like that of a chimpanzee compared to mine.”

“Tell me more,” Professor Knott answered. “You’re holding something back.”

Calculator seemed delighted the Professor was grilling him, as if he wanted to tell his story. “On my earth I am sole creator and lone traffic cop for what I call the Unternet. Using an eighth layer of TCP/IP protocol I designed myself, I piggyback beneath the regular internet and make it accessible only to those I see fit to view it. Consider me the ISP for the underworld.”

The thought was staggering as were the implications of such an achievement. “Our communications could rival those of the Justice League itself!” Professor Knott exclaimed.

Calculator shook his head. “You’re thinking far too small, Professor. The JLA doesn’t come close.”

“And there’s more, isn’t there?” Professor Knott asked.

“Indeed there is,” said Calculator. “I have a mirror of Oracle’s hard drive.”

Professor Knott was stunned once more. “How is that possible?”

“Unlike most of the fools who arrived here from my earth, I’ve done more than fret about getting home. Naturally my professional interest drew me to my longtime nemesis’s counterpart on your world. Unlike my world’s Oracle she doesn’t employ a small army to aid her, preferring instead to place her eggs in a lone basket. I sent her lap dog away on a wild goose chase while I invaded their headquarters. After defeating Oracle, I copied her files before destroying her nest.”

Professor Knott had to admit the proposal was interesting but at what price? “So what is you want in return? I’m sure such an offer isn’t made in the interest of munificence.”

“I want safe haven,” Calculator replied. “My services to your students and school in exchange for the unique protection your institution affords its staff. Nothing more.”

The price was certainly right. Calculator bore watching but he would make an excellent addition to the staff. Professor Knott extended his hand. “Welcome, Dr. Kuttler to Windsor Academy! I hope you find our facilities up to your standards.”

Calculator shook the Professor’s hand. “Hardly, but you leave that to me.”

“Money is no object,” said the Professor.

Calculator shook his head. “I don’t require funding, Professor. When I said I required nothing more I meant exactly that. I’ve made more money in the short time I’ve been on your world than a hundred incompetent, costumed fools will earn in a lifetime.”

Professor Knott smiled. “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The Bat Cave

Oracle stared at the multimillion dollar computer and array of monitors before her. They were among the most advanced in the world. “Toys!” she screamed as she slammed her fists against the main console. “Nothing but children’s toys!”

Black Canary placed a hand on her shoulder. “We both know better, Barbara. You should get some rest.”

Oracle spun her wheelchair around. “Rest? How can I rest knowing Calculator not only burned down the Clock Tower but also stole enough sensitive information to expose half the hero community?”

“I know it looks bad,” said Black Canary, “but we specialize in bad. It’s what we do, right?”

Oracle buried her face in her hands and slumped forward. “I just don’t know anymore, Dinah. Now I know how the bad guy feels when we shut him down.”

Black Canary squatted down so her face was level with Oracle‘s. “You’re letting this creep get inside your head, Barbara. Don’t let him rattle you like this. You‘re the best in the world at what you do.”

Oracle looked her in the eye. “Which is what scares the hell out of me, Dinah. Who’s going to stop him now? How would you like it if you were supposed to be the best in the world at something and you just had your ass handed to you?”

Canary stood once more. “Being the best is a problem I never have, unfortunately. But I get my backside handed to me on a regular basis. It can be …”

“Humbling?” Oracle asked, finishing her sentence.

Canary shrugged. “I was going to say painful, but humbling works too. Come on, Babs. Batgirl must have gotten her butt kicked a few times too.”

“Not like this, at least until Joker put me in this damn wheelchair,” Oracle replied.

“And look at what you’ve done with that,” said Canary. “You reinvented yourself and do far more good now than you ever did as Batgirl.”

Oracle knew Canary was right. There was no time to lick her wounds and feel sorry for herself. She had to stop Calculator before he ruined everyone she knew. “We’re going to call in some help on this one.”

Canary looked stunned. “What? Really?”

“I don’t like it, but we’re going to work with those new Teen Titans,” Oracle replied. “They know more about Calculator than any of us.”

Windsor Academy, Lunch Room

Zeke Goldman, Bo Freebird, and Tristan Stoner were eating pizza. The alliance between Zeke and Bo was awkward at best. They were rivals since the day Zeke arrived on campus, but that was before Indira gave him the cold shoulder for giving Tristan a hard time about the Amazing-Man fiasco. And pre-Mastadon.

“Look at him!” Bo whispered. “How does he hang with that overgrown bozo? He never hung out with us.”

The subject of their conversation was their teammate Chaucer St. Claire who sat at another table with the school’s resident bully, Mastadon. The overgrown oaf relieved Chaucer of his slice of pizza.

“Who knows?” said Tristan. “Everyone else wonders how I can be friends with you, Bo.”

Milk shot out Zeke‘s nose.

“What the hell’s so funny about that, Goldman?” asked Bo. “And thanks a lot, Tristan! I appreciate the vote of confidence!”

“I’m just saying,” Tristan replied. “You know you’re an ass sometimes. No news there.”

Bo took a bite of his pizza and wasn’t the least bit concerned with talking with his mouth full. “Yeah, I am good at it.”

“Amen to that,” said Zeke.

“So what’s up with you and Indira these days?” Bo asked, chewing with his mouth open. “She still got you frozen in time?”

The passive aggression wasn’t lost on Zeke but he wasn’t going to let Bo know it got to him. “Who understands women, right? Hell, if it weren’t for Tristan’s man-crush on that Amazing Man sim I’d be sitting with her now.”

“So tell me, Goldman,” Bo half-whispered. “You two gone all the way yet?”

“Oh come on, Bo. Don’t go there,” Tristan warned. “That’s between the two of them.”

“It doesn’t really matter now that they‘re not together, does it Goldman?” Bo asked.

Zeke looked across the table at Tristan. He was thankful for the young man’s scruples but wasn’t about to let Bo get under his skin. “She’s as frigid as her stasis ray, man.”

Tristan looked disappointed that Zeke fell so easily to Bo’s peer pressure. All Zeke could do was shrug a “what else could I say” in reply.

“I think she was coming on to me in the jungle,” said Bo.

Zeke put down his milk carton. “Yeah right.”

“We had a moment there before the shooting started…” Bo continued.

Zeke slammed his fist into the table. “Shut your redneck hole! That’s a lie and you know it!”

Bo seemed to relish Zeke’s discomfort. “Naw, man! I could tell she was digging on the old Geomancer!”

Zeke heard all he could take. He leaped across the table and tackled Bo to the floor. Seizing his advantage he delivered a series of blows to the surprised young man’s face.

“Fight!” Mastadon yelled. “My money’s on the skinny Jew!”

As is customary in schools all over the world whenever a fight breaks out, everyone gathered quickly to gawk at the spectacle. The school had taken on the three girls Bo and Indira rescued from the jungle so the student body was growing. As Zeke and Bo punched and kicked one another their classmates cheered them on.

Zeke was more than holding his own even without using his powers, but he wanted to send a message. Indira was off-limits to Bo’s taunts. Using the stored up energy he endured during Battle Sims, he unloaded a right hand and knocked Bo across the room.

It was then the cafeteria shook and the outside wall crumpled like paper.

“What the heck?” Zeke asked wide-eyed. “I didn’t hit him that hard!”

Suddenly the outside wall gave way and the school was invaded by costumed types.

“I recognize them from television!” Portia cried. “It’s those new Teen Titans from the other earth!”

She was right. The Teen Titans were big news and the subject of many conversations at the school since they showed up from the other world. Professor Hand gleaned some spotty, second-hand intelligence from those who had spoken with villains from the alternate earth. He couldn’t remember everything but at least Zeke recognized them all.

“Looks like you guys are going to save us all the trouble and fight amongst yourselves,” said Blue Beetle.

Zeke felt silly fighting his teammate in front of… heroes.

“We have plenty left for the likes of you,” Zeke answered as Blue Beetle flew toward him. Up until now the students of Windsor Academy worked against non-meta opponents or hard-light Sims. These Teen Titans were the real deal.

“I’m shaking in my shoes,” said Blue Beetle as he unloaded against Zeke. The kid could really pack a punch which worked in Zeke’s favor. He absorbed the energy into his reserves. The power certainly felt good. He returned a shot of his own that sent Blue Beetle flying outside through the hole in the wall.

Zeke took time to survey the scene. Tristan was locked in battle with Static. Portia wolfed up and pounced on Ravager. Bo squared off with Aquagirl. Zeke hoped he learned a thing or two about water-based metas from his All-Star Squadron battle with Tsunami. The Titan called Osiris chose Mastadon as his opponent. Zeke hoped the Titan would mop the floor with the bully. Chaucer was left with the homo magi, Traci 13 and Indira battled Miss Martian. The girls from the jungle cleared out of the cafeteria screaming in Spanish for someone to help. It was too bad Georgia was away seeing her father. They could use the extra body.

Blue Beetle returned quickly. A sonic cannon emerged from the armor on his back and countered with a concentrated blast that walloped Zeke square in the chest. Before Zeke could get his bearings Blue Beetle teamed with Osiris to herd him and Mastadon into one another. Slamming into his hulking teammate was like running into a wall.

The Titans enjoyed the element or surprise and were obviously far more seasoned. They fought instinctively with the precision Professor Hand preached in Strategic Theory 101. In short, Zeke wasn’t the only one getting his butt kicked.

Osiris scooped up the fallen Mastadon and burst through the roof like a missile. Zeke hoped the Titan would take him high into the clouds and drop him. Some battlefield losses were acceptable after all.

“Give it up,” said Blue Beetle. “You guys aren’t even in our class.”

“Ok, now that just pisses me off,” Zeke replied. He unleashed a lethal force blow against the Titan’s chitin armor plates. It wasn’t quite Kryptonian-level but it packed more punch than the average super-powered Joe could muster. Blue Beetle responded in kind.

Out of the corner of his eye, Zeke saw Dr. Norton enter the cafeteria.

The Titans were unprepared for Dr. Norton who had the ability to turn an opponent’s worst fears inward against them, among a host of other creepy abilities.

“This is how you quell such an attack,” said Dr. Norton calmly as he struggled to hold the young heroes in his mental grip. “Would someone please tell me what happened here?”

“We were having a peaceful lunch when these jerks just attacked,” Bo lied.

Zeke wasn’t about to set the record straight. The Titans attack saved the trouble of explaining why the lunch room was wrecked… again. Professor Knott had already warned the boys about fighting once before.

“The school is under attack, Hugo!” said Dr. Norton into a standard-issue wristband communicator worn by all school staff. “It’s the Teen Titans. Lock down any non-meta personnel and get us every bit of help ….. Aaagh!”

Dr. Norton dropped to his knees and howled in pain. Who among the Titans was strong enough to do such a thing to their teacher?

Miss Martian stood, her nose bloodied. “You like attacking minds, you Sleepy Hollow reject? Let me show you how it’s done, sir.”

Once Dr. Norton’s grip on the Titans was released they recovered quickly. It didn’t take them long to regain the upper-hand even without Aquagirl who Bo had beaten soundly.

At last reinforcements arrived in the persons of Dr. Light, Professor William Hand, and Chaucer’s mentor the Titan villain known as Gizmo of the Fatal Five.

Gizmo jet-packed to where Zeke stood over the recovering Blue Beetle and unpacked the ugliest gun Zeke ever saw.

Bo was now locked in battle with Traci 13, who managed to dispense of Chaucer, and was getting his butt kicked. Somehow the girl interfered with his ability to “talk” to the earth. Either that or her control over it was even greater than Zeke’s redneck teammate’s.

Gizmo hovered in the air above Blue Beetle. He aimed his gun and fired. A wicked blast erupted from the bazooka-like barrel. A force field barely covered Blue Beetle in time.

“But that’s not possible!” said Gizmo. “My death ray can penetrate the St. Claire kid’s force fields!”

“Looks like I downloaded the upgrade already,” said Blue Beetle proudly. “Better WiFi on my earth.”

Before anyone could act, Osiris returned with a badly-beaten Mastadon and hurled the oaf into the befuddled Gizmo, taking him out of the battle.

Despite his stalemate with Blue Beetle, (ok that was putting it nicely), despite getting his butt kicked by Blue Beetle, Zeke had to check on Indira. She was doing pretty well for herself. She had the Martian in stasis.

Aqaugirl was back on her feet and locked in battle with Dr. Light.

Portia’s feral form howled in pain. Ravager was simply too much for her. The Titan was by far the most ruthless combatant in the room, hero or villain. She easily found every pressure point on Portia’s body and exploited them to her advantage. But Portia could give as well as she could take. She pounced on Ravager and buried her teeth into the girl’s shoulder. Ravager struggled with both hands to push her off.

That’s when it clicked in Zeke’s mind. “It’s a set-up!” he cried. Ravager was said to have a mean streak. If the Titans were truly looking to take his team out, she would have drawn her sword against Portia. “They’re not here for us!”

“They’re onto us!” yelled Blue Beetle. “What now?”

Zeke couldn’t hear the person Blue Beetle was talking to, but imagined the reply was something like, “Keep fighting.”

And the Titans did.

Windsor Academy, The Computer Lab

The rumble in the lunchroom shook the school. Canary hoped the Teen Titans could hold up on their end of the ruse and keep the school’s students and staff occupied while she retrieved what they came for.

“Do you see it?“ Oracle asked in her earpiece.

“Yes, he keeps it out in the open and marked “Oracle’s hard drive” in big, bold letters. This isn’t the Bat Cave, you know.”

“Very funny,” Oracle replied, “but you know they did away with that crazy labeling system years ago.”

Canary nosed around the room, opening drawers and cases as she went. She had no luck until she opened a storage cabinet. “Bingo! This storage cabinet is a façade. There’s a safe behind the doors.” She put her ear to the safe and spun the dial. It was no use. She was no amateur but only Catwoman could crack a safe without the proper tools. “I’m at a standstill.”

“What kind of safe?” Oracle asked.

“Rotary combination dial type,” Canary answered.

The voice in her ear offered good news for a change. “I’ve got you covered,”

“You have the combination?“ Canary asked.

“No, but the next best thing,“ Oracle replied. “You spin the dial while I amplify the audio signal and filter the sound through a handy little program that allows me to “hear” the lock like a safe cracker.”

Canary was skeptical but pleasantly surprised the scheme actually worked according to plan. In moments she had the safe open. Inside was the hard drive Oracle described. She stuffed it into her bag.

The room’s fluorescent lights flickered to life.

“Black Canary! I suspected I would find you here when I heard the ruckus in the lunchroom,” Calculator announced. “The Teen Titans make an excellent distraction in lieu of a personal army of good little soldiers, but Oracle leaves you alone to face me. Do you suppose she includes “trust issues“ on her online dating profile?”

Black Canary was accustomed to fighting everything from neo-Nazi oafs to super-ninjas. Why was it so unnerving to stand across the room from a middle-aged man in khakis and a white oxford shirt with rolled-up sleeves?

“I believe you have something of mine,” said Calculator.

“Something you stole,” Canary replied.

“No need to quibble over details,” Calculator answered. He walked to the front of the room and took a seat behind his teacher’s desk. A white drop-screen stretched from ceiling to floor behind him. It looked as if it were being installed but not-quite finished. A small wastebasket sat to the right of the desk. The room looked like any other classroom right down to the proverbial apple on the teacher‘s desk. There’s always a suck-up, even among the morally-challenged. “You fancy yourself a teacher, Kuttler?”

“I do,” Calculator replied. “The opportunity to mold young, impressionable minds was one I simply couldn‘t turn down.”

“Teaching what?” Canary asked. “Murder?”

Calculator shrugged. “If it comes to that, then yes.”

“You’re not a teacher,” said Canary.

“Au contraire,” Calculator replied. “Teaching is a most rewarding profession! For example, being on staff at Windsor Academy grants me asylum from meta-human thugs like you. An unprovoked attack like this will not be looked upon favorably by the Colombian government. These kids are heroes to the people here, you know.”

The political climate in Buenaventura made Canary sick but the Colombian government’s misguided loyalties weren’t her concern. She wasn’t there to bring Calculator in, but to retrieve the hard drive. “I’m not leaving here without this hard drive.”

“Then we’ve reached an impasse because I will not allow you to leave here with it,” Calculator replied as he pulled a gun.

“Do you think you’re the first idiot that’s pulled a gun on me?” Canary asked.

Calculator shook his head. “No, but I’m the first genius smart enough to pull the trigger.”

The blinding pain hit her even before the crack of gunfire split her eardrums. Canary crumpled to the floor and clutched her abdomen. She felt the heat of her blood as it gushed from the gunshot wound over her hands and onto the floor. The shot was a good one too, no glancing blow.

“Dinah?” said Oracle’s voice in her ear. “You ok?”

“Been shot,” said Canary as she grimaced through the pain. “It’s pretty bad. Don’t know if I’m going to make it.”

“Hang on, I’ll get someone to get you out!” said Oracle.

Calculator approached slowly and stood over her. “Imagine that! The same gun that took out the Bloomberg kid and my bumbling doppelganger will also be the undoing of the legendary Black Canary!”

“Go to hell!” Canary hissed through clinched teeth as she fought blacking out. “Oh I’m sure I will!” Calculator cackled. He lowered the gun and aimed between Canary‘s eyes. “You first!”

Canary often wondered how she would die. She always wanted to believe it would come peacefully at home in bed after a long life, but suspected the end would come at the hands of some crazy super-powered bozo. She never dreamed it would be an ordinary Joe dressed like a Wayne Industries IT manager.

“Looks like this Canary has sung her last song,” Calculator taunted.

Canary cursed herself for being over-confident against a non-powered foe. She hurt too badly to even concentrate to muster her cry. She braced for the shot… then the room shook and knocked Calculator to the ground. He dropped the gun.

Through the haze of death’s fast approach, the room looked like a bombed-out building from the Second World War. Canary wasn’t sure what happed but quickly seized the opportunity to grab the gun.

“My lab!” Calculator cried as he knelt to pick up the broken pieces of hardware and tried in vain to put them back together. “You destroyed my lab!”

“Not my doing, but I’ll take it!” said Canary. She aimed the gun at Calculator. “Karma’s a bitch, huh?”

Calculator smiled. “Like you have the balls to pull the trigger.”

“I’m as good as dead anyway,” said Canary. “Don’t think I’m above taking you with me.”

It was good to see the braggadocio disappear from Calculator’s face as he confronted his mortality. He bent down on his knees. “Please, don’t kill me.”

“What did you say?” Black Canary asked. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“Please don’t kill me,” Calculator repeated. “I don’t want to die.”

“Yet you showed no remorse for killing others or shooting me,” said Black Canary.

“Dinah, don’t!” said Oracle’s voice in her ear.

Black Canary tried her best not to listen. “Love you girlfriend, but this once please just shut up! If I go so does he.”

“You’ve got the hard drive and the gun,” Calculator pleaded. “Just go and leave me to lick my wounds.”

“What so you can attack us again?” asked Black Canary. She struggled to remain conscious. “We’ve played that game a few too many times. I’ll give you the chance to stand and die like a man or you can kneel like the sniveling coward you really are.”

Calculator looked resigned to dying as he stood slowly.

“Dinah, please don’t do this!” said Oracle. “He’s not worth it. He’ll slip up and make a mistake somewhere down the road and we’ll bring him in.”

Canary placed one arm over her wound and pressed in vain to stop her bleeding. She clutched the gun in the other and found the trigger. “You may find someone to bring him in but I doubt I’ll live to see it. If he lives and I die he walks out with the hard drive. If I kill him I eliminate the only one who can decode it. Easy choice.”

Before Canary could pull the trigger the gun flew from her grip.

A raven-haired, masked beauty dressed in purple and black slipped through the crumpled wall wielding a crossbow. A long, matching cape flowed behind her as she glided toward Canary.

Calculator pointed an accusing finger toward Huntress as he stood to his feet. “You! This is impossible! I did my research! You don‘t work with Oracle on this world!”

“Trust me, this is a one-time gig!” Huntress answered. “I don’t play well with others.”

“Huntress?” Canary asked. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Canary’s mind was spinning. Oracle barely trusted her after years of working together and she was bringing Huntress into the fold without as much as an “Oh, by the way”? They would have to talk later if she survived the ordeal.

“Oracle asked me tag along as a member of your flight crew,” Huntress explained. “Lady Blackhawk too. You can thank her for gutting the place. Who knew her helicopter was so bad-ass? You ok?”

Canary shook her head. “I’ve lost a lot of blood. I don‘t know if I‘ll make it.”

“You‘ll make it. I‘m getting you out of here,” Huntress replied. “Did you get what you came for?”

She pointed to the bag on her side. “I did.”

“Good,” Huntress replied. “What now? We take this creep in?”

Oracle’s voice interrupted. “Sorry ladies, but you know the rules. This is a retrieval mission only. We aren’t authorized to extradite anyone back to the States. ”

Huntress made her way to the Calculator and slugged him hard across the jaw. He fell to the ground once more.

“What was that for?” he asked as wiped blood from his mouth.

Huntress smiled. “For teachers everywhere.”

Oracle‘s voice chimed in Canary‘s ear. “Titans, we’re out of here! Canary is going to need some help.”

“I’ve got her,” said Huntress. “Zinda, do you have a gurney in that flying fortress of yours too?”

“It’s ready and waiting,” Lady Blackhawk replied.

Huntress scooped up Black Canary in her arms and stood. “You weren’t really going to kill him were you?”

Canary wasn’t sure how to answer. “I don’t know.”

As Huntress carried her through the wall of debris, Calculator cried out after them. “Consider this an act of war!”

“Stop,” Canary told Huntress. She shot Calculator the most intimidating look she could muster. “Then consider this a shot across your bow.”


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